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The Chase: Newcomer Darragh Ennis backs Jenny Ryan after she’s branded ‘weak’

The Vixen was "exasperated" over the comments

New chaser Darragh Ennis defended his colleague Jenny Ryan after she called out a social media user for their ‘cruel’ comments.

Darragh, who is joining the Vixen and her fellow quizzers Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty, Shaun Wallace and Paul Sinha on The Chase, aired his opinion about a user after they called Jenny ‘weak’.

Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan called out the ‘cruel’ comments and Darragh Ennis had her back (Credit: Brett D. Cove / SplashNews.com)

What did the user say to Jenny Ryan, and how did Darragh Ennis respond?

On Twitter, someone called Jenny “the worst” out of all the chasers. They added: “Obviously she’s smart and knows a lot of stuff, but compared to the rest, she’s the weakest of the bunch.”

Jenny called the user out for tagging her in their tweet. She said they were “deliberately trying to be cruel”.

She wrote: “Y’all are entitled to an opinion (even if it’s not entirely correct) but tagging the subject is just deliberately trying to be cruel.


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“And anyway, if the worst you can say is that I’m in the top six UK Chasers, that’s still a pretty amazing achievement. Go me!”

Tagging the subject is just deliberately trying to be cruel.

Darragh waded in to throw his support behind the Vixen.

He tweeted, using the word that rhymes with ‘farce’: “What an [bleep].”

The Chase
Darragh Ennis was previously a contestant on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

Jenny later clarified that she felt “exasperated” with people not understanding “Twitter etiquette”.

One of her fans tweeted to her: “Do you really take this kind of [bleep] seriously? A bunch of nobody people watching you on television with an invalid opinion? I just don’t get why you bother getting upset. You are the winner whichever way you cut it.”

jenny ryan the chase fb
Jenny Ryan said she felt “exasperated” (Credit: ITV)

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She replied: “I didn’t say I was upset. Exasperated, maybe? Fed up of having to explain Twitter etiquette?”

Jenny added a GIF of her rolling her eyes on The Chase.

New episodes of The Chase

Another Chase viewer said that Jenny shouldn’t have covered the name of the Twitter user who made the comments, when she posted about it to her fans.

But Darragh told them: “[He] apologised and we’re all friends now. Let’s keep it civil is the best policy.”

New episodes of The Chase are due to air on ITV next week.

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