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Stacey Solomon causes stink as criticism of Queen goes viral during Jubilee celebrations

A lot of people agreed with the presenter

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Stacey Solomon is widely considered one of the nicest people ‘in Showbiz’ but she’s not afraid to share her honest opinions – even about the Queen.

Comments she made about the royal family and the monarch back in 2017 have resurfaced amidst all the Platinum Jubilee hoo haa.

And they’ll definitely not be palatable to those caught up in all the pomp, ceremony and royalism this weekend.

Stacey’s views first aired during a discussion about the royal family on Loose Women, where the Instagram influencer is a regular panellist to this day.

Stacey Solomon isn’t a royalist, that’s pretty clear (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

The clip – doing the rounds on Twitter after being posted by Le Gateau Chocolat – starts with mum-of-four Stacey saying, “I just don’t get it”, in relation to the royals.

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She continued: “I don’t get any of it. I don’t get why we are so obsessed with these humans that are exactly the same.

“Like it could be us four sitting there [referencing a picture of a gathering of Kate, William, Meghan and Harry].

“To me that’s all they are – celebrities.”

Stacey Solomon criticises the royals on Loose Women
Stacey has remained quiet on the Platinum Jubilee (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

As co-star Jane Moore interjects and opines that the Queen is brilliant, Stacey is relentless, asking: “But for what?”

Jane brings up duty, responsibility, figurehead – with Linda Robson then chiming in that she works really hard.

Standing her ground, Stacey then argues she would work hard if the whole country paid for her to live in 12 houses.

Jane then slightly patronisingly retorts that we don’t pay for all her houses and Stacey hits back, “Just a few!”

Stacey Solomon hailed for anti-royal stance

And it seems plenty of people are in agreement with the 31-year-old.

Responding to the old TV clip, one Twitter user said: “Not the first time I’ve said it but Stacey Solomon is an underestimated and under-appreciated treasure.”

A second posted: “Stacey Solomon for PM.”

A third wrote: “Stacey Solomon is once again my spirit animal. Just channeling all the incredulity I feel every time I meet a royalist rambling on about the Jubilee.”

Yet another commented: “Must confess, I’ve never been a fan of Stacey Solomon, but I’m 100% with her on this. She surprised me.”

And someone summed up the mood of social media with: “Love how people tried to use an old clip thinking #staceysolomon would be getting some hate.

“But the majority are agreeing with her. Not a Stacey fan but nice to see people standing up for her and allowing her to have an opinion which is all it is!!”

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Others were annoyed at how the other Loose Women panellists dealt with Stacey’s views.

A Stacey fan claimed: “I love this video because these women definitely look down on my girl Stacey because of her accent and she’s the only one doing a crumb of critical thinking here.”

Someone agreed to this comment, adding: “They definitely look down on her. They’re too arrogant to realise she’s smarter than all of them put together.”

Of course, many royal fans were outraged by her stance.

The royalists stick it to Stacey Solomon

One angry social media user wrote: “Looks like she has pushed her stupidity one step further, absolutely disgraceful statement.

“If she ‘doesn’t get it’ maybe she should pick up a book and read everything the monarchy has done.”

Another wrote: “Talking out of her arse! What a thicko she is.”

One Twitter poster said bluntly: “‘I don’t get’ is exactly how I feel about Stacey Solomon.”

Yesterday, Loose Women aired a Jubilee special with its four panellists of the day dressed up as the Queen at different stages of her reign.

Needless to say, Stacey wasn’t among them! She was instead having a very lovely time at home hanging out with her kids.

The extra Bank Holiday is at least something we can all thank Her Maj for this week!

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