Simon Thomas speaks about his late wife during a TV appearance

Simon Thomas revealed how he and his son coped following loss of late wife Gemma to blood cancer

They both had sessions for about two years for their grief

Simon Thomas has revealed both he and his son undertook counselling following the death of the TV presenter’s late wife.

Gemma Thomas died in 2017, just three days after being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer – adult acute myeloid leukemia.

The mum-of-one, 40, went to her local GP three times, complaining of headaches, night sweats, bruising and fatigue.

Then in the November, Gemma developed a bruise on her thigh. But she was told her symptoms could be related to stress before Gemma was later rushed to A&E.

Simon Thomas wedding: Widowed TV presenter marries Derrina Jebb, three years after late wife Gemma's death
Simon Thomas, right, with late wife Gemma (Credit: Lorraine YouTube)

Simon Thomas and son Ethan

Sky Sports presenter Simon told The Sun he ensured his and Gemma’s son received similar support to him for his grief.

Now 12, Ethan had counselling sessions for around two years, just like his dad.

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Simon told the tabloid: “We both benefited from having people to talk to and we both spent two years working with our individual counsellors.”

Norfolk-born TV personality Simon also hailed Ethan’s counsellor as “amazing” – and revealed he is also an actor in telly ads and dramas.

He added Ethan was delighted to see the man who helped in a role in the recent John Darwin ITV series, too.

Simon Thomas addresses his late wife's illness during a TV appearance
Simon recognised his son’s counsellor on TV (Credit: This Morning YouTube)

‘I have to be quite wary’

Despite firmly believing in therapy, Simon also admitted he has to be “wary” when people share their own deeply personal stories with him.

The 49-year-old went on to note how others experiencing grief may want to ask for help because of what Simon and his family have gone through in public.

People will tell me some really heartbreaking stuff.

But Simon – who has found love again and married Derrina Jebb in July 2021 – also addressed how it can result in difficulties when there’s an “undeclared permission” for stranger to reach out to him.

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Simon said, sensitively: “People will tell me some really heartbreaking stuff, but I’ve learned I have to be quite wary.

“It’s not about not caring, but can I take home the stories I’m hearing? Can I take on others’ trauma?”

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