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Sarah Harding update: Kimberley Walsh feels ‘completely helpless’ as she pays tribute to ‘amazing’ star

Sarah is battling 'advanced' breast cancer

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Kimberley Walsh has paid tribute to her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding, and issued an update to fans about the band’s 20th anniversary plans.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Kimberley – who is expecting baby number three – paid tribute to her “amazing” bandmate.

However, she did admit to feeling “completely helpless” as Sarah battles “advanced” breast cancer.

kimberley walsh regatta
Kimberley Walsh has teamed up with Regatta for her fourth collection (Credit: Regatta)

Sarah Harding update: What did Kimberley say?

Kimberley told us the Girls Aloud ladies have all be in touch to chat about Sarah’s upcoming autobiography.

“She’s amazing actually,” Kimberley revealed when ED! asks how Sarah is.

“She’s just managed to write an autobiography. I don’t know how she’s managed to do that but I think she was glad to have something to focus on.

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“We haven’t read it but we have been chatting to her a lot about memories just to help her remember stuff.

“We keep sending her dodgy pictures that she can or can’t include depending on how she feels, so we’ll wait and see which ones she did include.

“We have had a little bit of involvement in it but I will still want to read it myself. Even though I was there it’s always nice to read it from other people’s perspectives,” Kimberley admitted.

She also revealed that having her girls around her is “helping” Sarah as she battles cancer.

“Yeah, I think that it is helping,” Kimberley admitted when ED! asks if the girls being close again is a positive for Sarah.

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Kimberley does, however, admit that she feels “completely helpless” as Sarah battles cancer.

“With anyone who’s suffering from cancer, that is the one thing you do feel is completely helpless,” Kimberley said.

“All you can do is literally be there, constantly remind them that you’re there to help with whatever is humanely possible.

“And she knows, she fully knows that, and that’s all that I care about that she knows that she can ask us for anything.”

Sarah harding at an event
Kimberley has called Sarah Harding ‘amazing’ as she issues update on her cancer battle (Credit: Splash News)

Is a Girls Aloud 20th anniversary reunion with Sarah Harding on the cards?

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of Girls Aloud on Popstars: The Rivals.

But sadly for fans, any reunion plans are firmly on the back burner.

Obviously it’s a lovely milestone for us and it would be lovely to think that we could do something, but at the moment we’re just focusing on Sarah and how she’s doing.

“To be honest since the news about Sarah we haven’t even thought about anything Girls Aloud related in that way.

“Obviously it’s a lovely milestone for us and it would be lovely to think that we could do something, but at the moment we’re just focusing on Sarah and how she’s doing.

“So unfortunately I can’t give any good news to fans on that score,” Kimberley said.

girls aloud on red carpet
There’s no ‘good news’ when it comes to a band reunion, Kimberley admitted (Credit: Splash News)

Kimberley’s new arrival

It appears mum-to-be Kimberley might have her hands full by then anyway, with her third baby on the way.

The star is currently 25 weeks pregnant and has two “really excited” little boys on her hands in sons Bobby, six, and Cole, four.

“They’re really excited, it’s quite sweet. It’s been quite a nice focus for them over the last few months.

“The only problem is they don’t quite get the concept of months, so they’re like: ‘When’s the baby coming? When’s the baby coming? When’s the baby coming?’

“They’re like: ‘It looks big enough to me!’”

Kimberley doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or girl, but she’s fully expecting to be outnumbered when she doubtless welcomes another boy.

“My sister Sally has just found out she’s pregnant with her fourth boy so I’m pretty much assuming I’m going to have another boy and that’s all that we can produce on our side.

“So I could be very much outnumbered.

“The boys will be thrilled if it is another little boy and at least I’ll have everything I need. They’ll be able to just take them and play with guns and whatever else they usually do. I’ll go off to the spa, see you boys!” she laughed.

Kimberley thinks this baby will be her last

Kimberley admits that this baby will probably be her last as she completes her family with husband Justin Scott.

“Yes, I think so [it will be her last].

“I always knew I wasn’t quite done with two, then the years just flew by and I got busy with work.

“Two boys that close together is quite hard work anyway, that’s why I’ve ended up with a bigger gap.

“But I feel like it feels right in a way because now the other two can really enjoy it. It’s not just for me, it’s for them as well, they can experience having a baby and being big brothers.

“It’ll be a nice little round off for the family. It feels like the right time to hang up the baby bump shoes.

“I’ll pass the buck to Amy!” she jokes about her Emmerdale star sister, who is due to give birth on screen tonight (February 25).

Kimberley issues post-baby work update

While she’ll doubtless have her hands full post-birth, Kimberley admitted: “There are a lot of things bubbling away.”

However, she added: “It’s hard to plan for how you’re going to feel with a new baby so I’m always a bit cautious to jump into any major projects because I know what I’m like as a mum.

“I get attached, I don’t really like leaving them at all in the first six months. I’m rubbish. If people can accommodate me bringing them along I’m happy to work but let’s just see how it goes.”

The star also responded to rumours she is due to take over from Gregg Wallace as the host of Eat Well For Less.

“No, I’m not taking over, I’ve got no idea who is. I do love the show though, I do find it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure.

“I would love to do something like that because I’m such a foodie and I love a bargain but I’ll have to wait and see who is taking over there. But you never know, in the future I’d love to do more presenting.”

Kimberley walsh new collection
Kimberley’s spring/summer 2021 range has a nautical nod (Credit: Regatta)

Team up with outdoors brand Regatta

For now, she’s concentrating on style – and her fourth collection with Regatta, which is out at the end of March.

“It’s my fourth collection with them, this one’s been really fun because the longer you work with a brand the more involvement you tend to get.

“It’s spring/summer so it’s coats but lots of fleeces, loungewear, throw-ons that are good for layering up when we’re going on our million walks at the moment just to stay sane.

“The style, I’ve kept it quite classic, it’s quite nautical. The colour palette is white, navy and red with a bit of coral. It’s just easy to throw on with anything.

“The thing about English summers is you never know when it’s going to turn so you want something waterproof so you’re prepared for any eventuality. ”

For more on Kimberley’s team up with Regatta, visit the website here.

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