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Safiyya Vorajee details continuing heartbreak five days after death of Azaylia

'I think about you all day and night'

Safiyya Vorajee has shared her continuing heartbreak almost a week after the death of daughter Azaylia.

The eight-month-old baby died on Monday (April 24), with Safiyya and partner Ashley Cain both sharing the tragic news.

Now, five days later, Safiyaa has shared one of her favourite pictures of the tot and a heartbreaking message.

Ashley and Safiyya
Ashley Cain and girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee are in mourning for Azaylia (Credit: YouTube)

What did Safiyya Vorajee say about Azaylia?

Sharing a picture of her daughter in a Minnie Mouse door bouncer, Safiyya revealed her continuing heartbreak.

I think about you all day and night.

Azaylia appears to be waving at her mum in the picture while smiling broadly.

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It as originally taken back in March, just a month before she died.

Writing on the Instagram Story post, Safiyya revealed her daughter is constantly in her thoughts.

She said: “You’re so beautiful.”

Safiyya added: “I think about you all day and night.”

Safiyya posts azaylia picture
Safiyya is heartbroken following the tot’s death (Credit: Instagram)

Ashley and Safiyya visit Azaylia in chapel of rest

Yesterday (April 30), Ashley revealed that he and Safiyya had been to visit Azaylia’s body in the chapel of rest.

They shared a picture of a candle they had lit for her and a cuddly soft toy from Disney’s Lion King.

Those who have followed Azaylia’s story will know that her parents often referred to her as their little “lion”.

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Safiyya also opened up about the “unbearable pain” she’s been suffering since her daughter’s death.

She said: “Trying to get myself out of bed in the morning has never felt so hard.

“The pain that hits me when my eyes open is unbearable.

“I just want this all to have been a dream. I miss you Azaylia.”

Ashley cain and azaylia
Ashley said having Azaylia changed his life (Credit: YouTube)

What caused Azaylia’s death?

Azaylia’s parents were open about her battle with a rare form of leukaemia.

They shared trips to the hospital where the tot received platelet transfusions to stop her from “bleeding out”.

The couple also shared tender last pictures of Azaylia when they announced her untimely death.

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