Paddy McGuinness says he's worried about his kids when 'he's not around anymore'

Paddy McGuinness reveals that he’s worried about kids when he’s ‘not here anymore’

Paddy opened up about his beloved kids

Paddy McGuinness has revealed he worries about his three autistic children when “he’s not here anymore”.

The Top Gear star, 48, and wife Christine star in a new BBC documentary about how autism affects their children and family life.

And now Paddy has opened up about his fears.

Paddy McGuinness says he's worried about his kids when 'he's not around anymore'
Paddy opened up about his kids’ future (Credit: BBC)

What did Paddy McGuinness say about his kids and their autism?

The Sun reports that Paddy, plugging his autobiography My Lifey, said: “I think my kids will probably be at home with me forever.”

Eight-year-old twins Leo and Penelope, and five-year-old Felicity currently live at home with the couple.

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“It’s great now. I’m here and Christine’s here.

“But eventually there comes a point when we’re not here anymore and I worry about people taking advantage of them.

“We’re just putting everything in place for them and trying to get them as independent as they can be.”

Paddy McGuinness says he's worried about his kids when 'he's not around anymore'
Paddy and Christine (Credit: BBC)

What else did he say about autism?

He also described the symptoms and how the condition manifests itself in the children.

Paddy said that when overstimulated, Leo and Penelope would make “high-pitched noises and flap their arms”.

Furthermore, Leo displayed obsessive behaviour and Penelope would “often cry and become introverted”.

He went on to explain that when they were two years old Christine did put up any Christmas lights or decorations for fear of unsettling them.

Paddy McGuinness says he's worried about his
Paddy opens up in the new documentary (Credit: BBC)

What did Paddy say in the trailer?

Paddy and Christine’s BBC One documentary sees them open up further about their beloved kids.

In the trailer, Paddy becomes visibly upset when she speaks about them.

He says: “Christine and I have three beautiful children diagnosed with autism.

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“What gets to me with them all is will they ever.

“We’re all trying to work out what it means for our family and our future.

“Autism is part of who they are now, why would I want to take away a part of my children?”

Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism is on Wednesday December 1 at 9pm on BBC One

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