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Nigella Lawson admits she turned vegan – but only lasted two weeks

The telly chef felt run down after going plant-based

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Nigella Lawson has admitted she turned vegan – but only lasted two weeks.

The famed cook, 61, revealed she had tried to adopt a plant-based diet but ended up feeling “very run down” and gave it up pretty soon.

Nigella Lawson admits going vegan
Nigella Lawson admits going vegan – for two weeks! (Credit: Splash News)

Speaking to the Sunday Times, she said: “I couldn’t be vegan, though I do love vegetables. I don’t see the point. I felt very run down, and I’m low iron anyway. So I needed it.”

She added that the heavily processed meat replacements are not to her liking.

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“I want to eat proper food,” Nigella said. “Because I feel that we have the teeth for meat and so it’s natural for us to want to eat it.

“I know it’s an argument that vegans disagree with, so I respect that position, but I feel I’m not ready.”

It’s not the first controversial opinion the TV chef has shared.

Nigella Lawson divides fans with Marmite recipe

Recently she divided fans with a love it or hate it recipe – using Marmite.

Taking to Instagram, Nigella showed a delicious-looking bowl of spaghetti.

There was just one problem – it was dressed with only Marmite, olive oil, butter and the cooking water from the spaghetti.

Nigella said: “I think many of you are already acquainted with #RecipeOfTheDay, and you may love it or you may loathe it: yes, it’s Marmite Spaghetti.

“Aussies, feel free to use Vegemite.

“And amici Italiani, before you hurl insults at me, I must tell you that I learnt this from an Italian – the great Anna del Conte.

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“So, Buon appetito, and enjoy the umami!”

One fan said: “Noooooooo she must have had too many Spritzes. My son who’s Italian nearly died!”

Another wrote: “Love you, Nigella! But can’t imagine this will taste any good.”

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“Is this a joke?” asked another.

However, some people praised Nigella for the simple and ingenious idea.

“I make this all the time. Literally the best recipe ever. I definitely use a lot more cheese than suggested,” one said.

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