Jake quickenden dad

New dad Jake Quickenden reveals touching tribute to his late brother

Jake's dad and brother both died after a battle with bone cancer

New dad Jake Quickenden has revealed the meaning behind his newborn son’s name.

Jake’s girlfriend Sophie Church welcomed little Leo to the world last week.

And, in an interview with Entertainment Daily shortly before the birth, Jake revealed how he was planning on keeping the memory of his late father and brother alive for his son.

Jake quickenden dad
Jake Quickenden has become a dad to baby Leo Oliver (Credit: Instagram)

What happened to Jake’s dad and brother?

Jake’s father Paul died in 2008 and his little brother Oliver passed away in 2012 at the age of just 19.

Both had battled bone cancer.

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“Growing up I had the best relationship with my dad,” Jake told ED!.

“Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of time with him because he passed when I was nearly 20.

“But he taught me a lot so to be able to have that bond with my little baby, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to show the baby what my dad taught me,” he added.

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How did Jake Quickenden pay tribute to his brother with the baby’s name?

Speaking ahead of the birth, Jake revealed that if the baby was a boy, it would have his brother’s first name as his middle name.

“I think I’m hoping the baby has a little bit of my dad and brother in them anyway, but Oliver will be his middle name,” Jake revealed.

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“My little brother was my best mate before he passed away so I’ll definitely keep his memory alive that way.”

I’m hoping the baby has a little bit of my dad and brother in them anyway, but Oliver will be his middle name.

Jake added: “Soph said about my dad being the middle name but no, I’ll show him videos and photos, I don’t want 700 middle names. If we did that we’d have so many middle names going on.

“I’m so excited to see if the baby has traits of my dad and little brother. They’re in me, so they might be in the baby as well,” he added.

celebrity bumps press pic
Jake and Sophie are taking part in new MTV show Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant (Credit: MTV)

What kind of a dad will Jake be?

Jake revealed his partying days are behind him and he’s ready to settle down and be a dad now.

“I feel like I’ve done my partying and I’m ready to be a family man,” he told us.

The former X Factor star is already stepdad to Sophie’s son Fred, and he’s said that he won’t treat the boys any differently.

Paying tribute to her other half, Sophie said: “I think he’ll be an amazing dad.

“Obviously he’s had a bit of a taster with Fred but there’s going to be a bit age gap between Fred and the baby and, although his friends have got little ones, he’s not experienced newborn babies straight away, so I do think he’s going to have a bit of a shock to the system.

“But Jake’s fun and I don’t want him to lose that fun side of him. I want the baby to grow up having that fun side of Jake’s personality around him, so it’ll be nice to see him as a dad.”

Catch Jake and Sophie on Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant when it premieres on MTV on Wednesday (March 3) 8pm.

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