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Wednesday 29th January 2020

Netflix customers 'flushing their phones' after watching 'distressing' horror film Wounds

It's a disturbing concept

Netflix customers have found one of the streaming service's new horror films so creepy, it's making them reluctant to use their phones.

Wounds, available to watch now on the platform, tells the story of New Orleans bartender Will (Armie Hammer), who picks up a phone dropped during a fight and finds his sanity slowly unravelling.

It all starts after Will comes across a stranger's phone (Credit: Netflix)

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The device starts to receive ominous messages, eventually turning him against his girlfriend (played by 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson) and pal Alicia (Zazie Beetz).

And according to a report in The Sun, a number of horror fans were so disturbed, they're not too keen to get back on their phones - with one even claiming they planned to flush theirs down the toilet.

One social media user quoted by the newspaper said: "Just watched Wounds on Netflix and guess I'm gonna have to flush my phone now. No demons for me thanks."

It stars Dakota Johnson (Credit: Netflix)

Another reportedly wrote, "Swear to God my phone is off limits after seeing Wounds. Reckon it's safe if I turn on airplane mode?" while a third is said to have commented, "Wounds means no sleep and no phone for me anymore FFS".

I just watched #Wounds on Netflix and I guess I won't sleep tonight.

Over on Twitter, a number of viewers were similarly terrified, with one writing: "Watching #Wounds and I am freaked out! Very intense all the way through. I was disappointed by the abrupt ending, but that was definitely some creepy, freaky [bleep]. Loving this original content!"

Another said: "Jesus Christ, I just watched #Wounds on #Netflix and I guess I won't sleep tonight. This is the most terrifying movie I have watched in a very long time."

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A third put: "Just watched #Wounds on Netflix! Wow. That was excellent! Some deeply disturbing scenes. Distressing imagery. Sent shivers down my spine. And that ending... oh my god. Sinister stuff. @armiehammer was great! @BabakAnvari I never want to see a cockroach ever again!"

"Just finished watching #Wounds on Netflix," said a fourth, adding: "Not as scary as I thought it would be but the ending, creepy! #dakotajohnson delivers her scenes well in my opinion."

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