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Nadia Sawalha stuns Instagram fans as she reveals ‘saggy crotch’ frustration in underwear video

Fans were in hysterics at her awkward situation

Nadia Sawalha had her Instagram fans in stitches after revealing her difficulty at pulling up her tights.

The Loose Women star vented her frustration with her hosiery struggles in a video shared with her 334,000 followers.

An annoyed Nadia stood in just her bra, pants and tights are she pondered the trouble with her fit.

She asked, exasperatedly: “I’m in my dressing room and I’m sweating, I’m struggling, I’m near crying then I’m laughing. What, what am I doing wrong?”

nadia sawalha
Nadia Sawalha does not shy away from body positivity issues on her social media (Credit: SplashNews)

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Pointing at the low crotch of her tights, body positive Nadia also wondered whether the problem was due to a design fault.

“I don’t feel I have long legs. Is it because my legs are too wide?”

Have you got any idea what torture a saggy crotch is?

A voice from behind the camera, belonging to Nadia’s friend Daisy, replied: “I think they may be children’s tights.”

But a ticked off Nadia refused to accept that.

nadia sawalha on loose women
Nadia: “We need to rise up, girls, and spark a revolution!” (Credit: ITV)

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She chided: “Tights company sort it out.”

Giving up with the crotch of her tights nowhere near where they should be, Nadia reflected: “Look, I done everything.

“I’ve used my full strength and I can only get them to there.”

In the caption of her post, Nadia went as far to describe the experience as “torture”.

Nadia Sawalha asks tights companies a difficult question

She also noted that despite Daisy’s diplomatic suggestion, the tights were actually a size 14.

Nadia continued: “Why do you do this to us all tights companies? Have you got any idea what torture a saggy crotch is? Clearly not!”

She then put a call out to her followers for advice.

Nadia Sawalha praised by Instagram fans

“Do any of you wear tights that you can actually get over your bum with any ease and comfort?” Nadia asked.

“If so please tell me what they are? We need to rise up, girls, and spark a revolution! No more saggy crotches!”

Thousands of fans gave the post their approval – and many also suggested that Nadia give Snag Tights a try.

Others thanked her for her body positivity.

One commented remarked: “A real woman’s body, thank God. The same as mine.”

And another amused observer contributed: “Omg, you just make me laugh. You have so much guts xx.”

Hilariously, Nadia replied: “Do you mean gusset?!”

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