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Mum slams brother for uninviting her kids from his wedding

Her children were excited about being invited to their uncle's big day

A woman was left shocked when her brother uninvited her children from his wedding.

The mum revealed her 10-year-old kids have never been to a wedding and were thrilled to get an invite to their uncle’s big day.

However, due to a big guest list, the woman said her children have been uninvited and there’s now a “no kid policy”.

The mum said her kids were thrilled to get an invite to their uncle’s big day (Credit: Pexels)

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Writing on Mumsnet, the woman said: “They are 10 and very sensible so would not be kicking off in the ceremony.

“They have never been to a wedding before, there are not other kids in our family so this was a big deal to them.

“They are now uninvited because the guest list is too big so there is a no kid policy to exclude the kids of the brides cousins and other guests’ kids.

“I know it’s their wedding, they can invite who they like but I feel really sad that my kids will miss the wedding of the uncle they idolise and they will be so disappointed that they now can’t come.”

She continued: “I really don’t know whether to tell my brother and his fiancé that it’s quite upsetting or just to pretend we are all fine with it.

Woman taking to Mumsnet
The woman asked fellow users for advice (Credit: Mumsnet)

“I also am thinking I should pass the uninviting job to my brother and let him explain the reversal of invite.

“It was more of a general conversation like the kids saying, ‘wow that’s so exciting can we come’, ‘yes course you can’.

“My DB [dear brother] did say they were having a general no kid rule with the exception of my kids and a few other specific kids.”

Fellow users shared their thoughts and advised the woman, with one person telling her to tell her brother to “explain himself to them”.

Groom pic
The woman said her brother has uninvited her kids to his wedding (Credit: Pexels)

The person commented: “It’s [expletive] of them to invite them then uninvite them. Tell your brother he has to explain it to them himself.”

Another said: “Don’t go. It is totally unfair to tell children they are invited and then decide not to.

“Tell your brother you are all going as a family (as originally planned and apparently agreed by him) or none of you are.”

However, another person told the mum to “suck it up”.

Kids at a wedding
The woman said her brother has put a “no kid policy” at his wedding (Credit: Shutterstock)

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They wrote: “I find sometimes close family assume that their kids will be invited and then are a bit upset when it comes to the invites, to find the kids aren’t actually invited.

“I think suck it up in this situation as you’d be unreasonable to demand a say in who they invite.”

Another added: “It’s disappointing but I think your brother and his fiancée are under a huge amount of stress so I think you should try to be understanding about the whole thing.”

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