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Loose Women viewers slam Carol McGiffin over controversial Trump comments

Carol was trolled online after she made the bold declaration

Carol McGiffin is in hot water with Loose Women viewers after she said she would vote for President Donald Trump.

The panelist, 60, said if she was American she could see herself voting for the President to remain a second term.

She also defended actress Kirstie Alley, who was trolled online for supporting Trump.

Carol said she wasn’t surprised Kirstie, 69, got in trouble with Hollywood.

But she also thinks this type of reaction is completely unfair.

carol mcgiffin loose women
Carol says she thinks it is unfair that public figures can’t support Trump without being trolled (Credit: ITV)

What did Carol McGiffin say about President Trump?

Addressing the panel, Carol said: “You’re not allowed to be a Trump supporter, especially if you’re involved in that kind of industry, in Hollywood.

“It’s obvious that people were going to have a go at her because these are supposed to be liberal people who tolerate other people’s opinions but most liberals can’t tolerate the fact that some people might be voting for Trump.

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“You should be able to vote for who you want to vote for. It’s so typical! And then people threaten death to Donald Trump all the time like it’s ok because it’s Donald Trump.

“It actually really annoys me. I must say, if I was in America right now I’d rather have him as the president than someone who can barely remember his own name.

carol mcgiffin
Carol shocked many viewers with her remarks about President Trump (Credit: ITV)

How did Loose Women viewers react?

“I probably would vote for Donald Trump. There, I’ve said it, ah ha!”

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However, her strong opinions led to considerable online backlash.

She received similar vitriol to Kirstie, with many viewers sharing their anger at her rationale.

kirstie alley
Carol defended Cheers actress and CBB housemate Kirstie Alley (Credit: SplashNews)

One cross viewer Tweeted: “Carol McGiffin saying live on tv that she’d happily vote for Trump. Not a good look. At all. #LooseWomen.”

While another viewer even claimed: “Carol McGiffin think it’s fine to support disgusting racists and would vote for Donald Trump if she lived in the US. #LooseWomen.”

Another shocked viewer shared: “Stunned that Carol McGiffin is a Trump stan. #LooseWomen.”

And a fourth user proclaimed: “So Carol McGiffin just confirmed herself a Trump supporter and was ageist against Biden. #LooseWomen is SO hypocritical! Trump is guilty of everything they try and counter as a show and yet they have her on peddling BS for shock value. Just get rid.”

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