Loose Women Stacey Solomon

Loose Women: Stacey Solomon reveals son Leighton has got matching piercing with Joe Swash

Stacey spoke about the piercings on today's Loose Women

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon accompanied her young son and fiancé Joe Swash as they got matching ear piercings.

The fun-loving mum filmed for fans as she took nine-year-old Leighton and Joe to a Claire’s Accessories store to get their coordinated jewellery.

And while Leighton breezed through the painful ordeal, the same couldn’t be said for Joe. The comical host took several attempts and a lot of whining to get it done.

Loose Women Stacey Solomon
Joe was seen panicking about his ear piercing (Credit: Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

Joe, 39, was seen repeatedly panicking and asking the lady poised to puncture his ear lobe to stop in series of hilarious videos Stacey added to her Instagram story.

Meanwhile, Leighton – unlike Joe – breezed through the ordeal within a few seconds and was delighted with the end result.

Stacey, 31, spoke about the decision to let her little boy get his ears pierced with her Loose Women colleagues on Friday’s (July 23) show.

Loose Women Stacey Solomon
Leighton was visibly delighted with the result (Credit: Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

What did Stacey Solomon say on Loose Women?

Talking about her decision to allow the piercing she said: “You know what Leighton has been asking for a good year now. I thought wait until the summer holidays. Little did I know the entire last two years has been some form of summer holiday. But I thought wait until summer in case he’s not allowed it in school. So we went and got it yesterday.”

Stacey then discussed how husband-to-be Joe decided he wanted his ears pierced too on the spot. She said: “Joe was like, ‘oh that looks so nice mate, I’ve always wanted my ear pierced, I might just get my ear pierced too.'”

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But Joe then started to panic about pain and kept flinching away every time he was approached.

Stacey laughed: “We were there for about 25 minutes, there’s was a queue of like 12 seven-year-olds waiting.”

Loose Women Stacey Solomon
The fear was very real for Joe (Credit: Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

‘Mid Life Crisis’

She also revealed that after going through such a commotion to get his ear pierced when Joe got home he looked in the mirror and announced: “I don’t know if this suits me you know. Am I too old for this?”

Fellow panellist Nadia Sawalha quipped, “It is a bit midlife crisis-y,” much to the amusement of all the Loose Women.

When asked how Leighton took the experience Stacey said: “Leighton was really good. He was surprised he worked himself to think it was going to be really terrible.”

loose women stacey solomon
Stacey spoke about the piercings on today’s Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

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And she defended her choice to let her young son get pierced – admitting it was always fine in her own household growing up.

She said: “I’ve always felt like when they asked for something they can get it. My mum pierced mine when I was 6 months old. Then whenever I felt like getting something done I just did it.”

But Stacey admitted tattoos are where the line was drawn because of her Jewish upbringing. It was frowned upon by their religion.

She explained: “Because in the holocaust people were forced to be tattooed my dad found it really disrespectful. So we just never got any tattoos.”

What did viewers say?

However, viewers weren’t impressed that the piercings were done with a gun.


Another wrote: “We love to see the promotion of unhygienic and dangerous piercing techniques. Don’t get pierced with a gun.”

A third added: “Arrhhhh why are they still using guns, they damage the lobe and skin.”

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