Joe Swash on Dancing On Ice

Joe Swash hospitalised AGAIN but will perform in Dancing On Ice final

The star needed more fluid drained from his infected ear

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Joe Swash had to go to hospital for a second time today following his Dancing On Ice partner giving him a cauliflower ear.

The 38-year-old needed more fluid from his ear drained after an accidental kick from Alex Murphy left him with an infection but luckily doctors have given him the all-clear for this Sunday’s final.

Joe Swash
Joe said having the fluid drained from his ear was ‘the worst feeling in the world’ (Credit: Instagram)

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Joe, who is now sporting a huge bandage around his head, said in an Instagram video: “I went to the hospital and my ear swelled up again and they had to drain it, which was honestly the worst feeling in the world.

“But the worst feeling in the world is that I think the bandage has actually got bigger.”

Joe appeared with the other DOI finalists on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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Joe told This Morning:  “They had to drain it again – it keeps filling up with liquid. It’s too early, it’s not very nice.

I went to the hospital and my ear swelled up again and they had to drain it.

“But the good thing is he’s going to let me take it off for Sunday. I did hear people going: ‘Can get purple bandages?’ I was like: ‘No way.'”

Stacey joked Joe looks like Mother Teresa (Credit: Instagram)

But poor Joe won’t get much sympathy at home, with girlfriend Stacey Solomon saying his bandage makes him look like Mother Teresa.

She joked on Instagram: “He’s home… or should I say Mother Teresa’s back”.

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Taking to Instagram yesterday, Joe explained his injury: “So basically what happened was me and Al were doing disco dad and her skate kicked me in the ear which gave me cauliflower ear.

Joe Swash and Alex Murphy on Dancing On Ice
Alex accidentally kicked Joe in the head during rehersals (Credit: ITV)

“Then it got infected which meant last night I had to get rushed to hospital and have an operation on it and cut it open and drain out all the gooey stuff.

“The best thing is the doctor said I have to keep this on my head until Sunday, so all week we’re going to be doing the Bolero looking like this.”

Cauliflower ear usually happens when an extendable portion of the ear is hit, and fluid or a blood clot develops.

We hope Joe feels much better by the final!

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