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James Jordan thanks fans after dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis as they shower him with support

James discovered his dad has an incurable tumour

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James Jordan has said fans’ messages of support have been “overwhelming” after his dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star recently revealed his dad has an incurable tumour.

James Jordan revealed his dad has an incurable tumour (Credit: Alucard / SplashNews.com)

James Jordan’s dad diagnosed with cancer

His father has been in and out of hospital over the last few months after becoming ill.

It was originally thought that James Jordan’s dad, William, had suffered a stroke.

However, doctors later discovered he has a tumour and it’s “not advisable to operate”.

The help and love I’ve had from so many people I’ve never met & probably never will is overwhelming.

Since sharing his message, James has received a string of messages of support from his fans.

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On Tuesday (July 21), the dancer thanked his fans for their “overwhelming” messages.

He wrote on Twitter: “People say ‘social media is such a terrible place’ & on many occasions I agree.

“However, the help and love I’ve had from so many people I’ve never met & probably never will is overwhelming.

“I can honestly say I’ve read ALL messages on Insta & Twitter. I thank & love you ALL.”

James Jordan
James Jordan thanked fans for their messages of support (Credit: Brett D. Cove / SplashNews.com)

What did he say about his dad?

Last week, James said on Instagram: “Over the last 4 months my hero and best mate in the whole world has been in and out of hospital with very ill health.

“We were told several times that 100% he had had a stroke and that’s why they were struggling to control his seizures…

“But after the 3rd time of being admitted to hospital I knew something was not quite right.”

He added: “We have been told that it’s not advisable to operate because of where the tumour is and wouldn’t actually make that much difference even if they could.

“The end result is, it’s terminal.”


James went on to say it’s been “the worst time of my life”.

He said: “As I write this tears are streaming down my face as I’m sure many of you have the same love for your parents.

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“I’m looking to find the best surgeon to see my father as I want to know I’ve done everything possible before I can accept it.”

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