TV chef Tom Kerridge reveals how he lost an incredible 12 stone

A few tweaks made all the difference

If you need some inspiration to help you lose weight, look no further than Tom Kerridge.

The TV chef, 45, has lost a mind-blowing 12 stone, just by making a few simple tweaks to his lifestyle.

And to give others a boost in their weight-loss ambitions, the Wiltshire-born foodie has shared some of his secrets.

The chef is looking super-trim these days (Credit: BBC)

Tom, who presented BBC Two show Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start earlier this year, as well as appearing on Saturday Kitchen and Bake Off: Creme de la Creme, explained that the first step in his weight-loss journey was cutting out his bad habits.

He told GQ: “As a chef, I was grazing and snacking throughout service. Or I’d be eating cheese on toast and packets of crisps because they were quick and there and ready to go.

“I was a big one to skip breakfast. I didn’t have any.”

The Michelin-starred chef also removed alcohol and sugar from his diet – although he insists that it’s fine to treat yourself on the odd occasion.

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He explained: “There is nothing wrong with a flapjack in the afternoon when you get that 4pm lull, if everything else is in place.”

Many people turn to unhealthy foods to boost their mood, but Tom found an alternative way to achieve this.

The extent of his weight loss was highlighted on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

He turned to something called the dopamine diet, a weight-loss programme based on foods that also increase levels of the ‘happy hormone’ dopamine in the brain.

These can include dairy products, unprocessed meats, eggs, and fish that’s rich in Omega 3.

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Speaking to the Daily Telegraph recently, Tom gave an example of his daily food intake.

He revealed: “Yoghurt is a good staple breakfast for me now because I like dairy, and you can add grapes and apples and raisins. Lunch is normally a chopped salad.

There’s no way those trousers would fit now! (Credit: ITV)

“For dinner yesterday, I did bath time with Little Man and read him a story, so [Tom’s partner] Beth did a lovely vegetable bake with chicken and mozzarella.”

Yes, you’ll have to do some exercise, too – but the potential results speak for themselves.

During a recent appearance on This Morning, Phillip Schofield held up a pair of Tom’s old trousers.

We reckon you could fit TWO Toms into those nowadays!

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