Katie Price suffered at the hands of comedian Frankie Boyle in 2010 who made a joke about Harvey

How did comedian Frankie Boyle create such uproar over Katie Price and son Harvey?

Katie has never let it go

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Katie Price and son Harvey were the victims of a cruel joke by comedian Frankie Boyle just over a decade ago.

The incident led to a fierce war of words between the two, and helped to lead Katie down a path campaigning against bullying and online abuse to this day.

But what happened and what did Frankie say?

Katie Price suffered at the hands of comedian Frankie Boyle in 2010 who made a joke about Harvey
Katie and son Harvey (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What did Frankie say about Katie Price and Harvey?

Scottish comedian Frankie, 49, made a cruel joke about Harvey and his mum on the BBC show Tramadol Nights in 2010.

The gag made two digs at the youngster.

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Katie immediately complained about the joke and called it “discriminatory, offensive, demeaning and humiliating”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail at the time, Katie fumed: “It’s disgusting that he gets away with jokes about children like Harvey.

“I am amazed that Ofcom have not required, at the least, an apology to be broadcast.

“This strikes me as a further insult to my wonderful son and another in a series of failures in this sordid affair.”

Katie Price suffered at the hands of comedian Frankie Boyle in 2010 who made a joke about Harvey
Comedian Frankie specialises in near-the-knuckle jokes (Credit: YouTube)

What happened to Frankie after the joke?

However, despite the joke, Frankie only received a “slap on the wrist” from TV watchdog, Ofcom.

He responded in a stand-up show in 2012: “I’m getting blamed for people bullying Harvey.

“But I don’t believe kids at his school wanted to bully him and until now were struggling for an angle.”

He concluded with another joke: “What’s the difference between Jordan and a set of curtains? Nothing. They both make the world a darker place.”

Katie Price is said to be furious with Dwight Yorke
Katie and Harvey’s documentary won over a legion of fans (Credit: BBC)

Katie hit back again in 2017

On Katie’s part, she has always tackled bullying and trolling with full gusto.

And she does not forget.

In 2017, she reignited her feud with Frankie by urging fans not to watch him on Live At The Apollo.

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She said in a tweet: “Don’t watch @HarveyBoyle_ live at apollo he is a disgusting human being after what he said about my son Harvey #idontforget.”

And last year, Katie campaigned for Harvey’s Law – legislation that would tackle online abuse and trolling.

She told a select committee of MPs: “Through the years I’ve had a lot of trolling and online abuse.

“The difference is I can speak out myself and protect myself.

“But my son Harvey was born with disabilities and he gets a lot of racial abuse. Disgusting, despicable things.”

Katie continues to campaign strongly against bullying and online abuse.

A new series of Frankie Boyle’s New World Order begins tonight on BBC2 at 10pm.

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