In the latest news about Katie Price, Princess Andre has opened up about how Harvey likes the sound of his step-siblings crying

Katie Price news: Princess Andre reveals reason Harvey ‘purposely goes for’ Bunny and Jett

Teen described the realities of living with her brother

Princess Andre – the daughter of Katie Price – has revealed the shocking news that the model’s eldest son Harvey “goes after” siblings Bunny and Jett because he “likes the sound” of their crying.

Princess, 14, movingly opened up about what it’s like for her and her step-siblings living with Harvey, who suffers from multiple learning difficulties.

In the latest news about Katie Price, Princess Andre has opened up about how Harvey likes the sound of his step-siblings crying
Katie Price and Harvey out and about (Credit: Splash News)

Katie Price news: Harvey “loves the sound of crying”

In Katie’s new book, Katie Price: Harvey & Me – serialised in The Mirror – Katie writes about her eldest child and opens up about family life.

In the book, she asks Princess to describe what life is like living and growing up with her elder brother, who she said she adores.

Princess then discusses 19-year-old Harvey’s range of conditions, including Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and a learning disability.

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“Once he gets into a temper, Bunny and Jett try to avoid him because sometimes it can be hard to know how he’s going to react. He’s much bigger than them, so they find it scary,” Princess said.

“Harvey loves the sound of crying, so sometimes he can purposely go for Jett and Bunny just to make them cry. Obviously he can’t help it and he’s not doing it to purposely hurt them, he just enjoys the noise of it,” she added.

Princess opens up about Harvey

The teenage admitted her big brother used to do it to her too when she was younger.

She said she “can’t really remember” what it was like when she was really small, but said when she was about seven he “used to try and hit me”.

“It’s because he used to hear me and Junior play fighting together when we were younger, so he worked out that if he hit me it would make me cry,” Princess said.

Katie Price and son Harvey
Katie has a special bond with her children (Credit: YouTube)

Katie has documented Harvey’s story before

Harvey currently lives in a residential home in Cheltenham, and earlier this year Katie and her son told their moving story in a BBC One documentary.

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Princess, meanwhile, shares time with her mum Katie and dad, Peter Andre.

Bunny and Jett’s father is Kieran Hayler.

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