Hollyoaks Kieron Richardson opens up about ‘parent guilt’

We think he's doing a great job!

New dad and Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson has admitted he feels guilty when he can’t cuddle both his babies at the same time.

And the devoted daddy says he’d love to have more kids with his husband Carl Hyland.

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Kieron told Mirror Celeb all about becoming a dad to twins Phoebe-Rae and Chase, who are now almost five months old and said parenthood was “magical” and also pretty hard work!

“It goes so quick and no one can prepare you for all the cliche things, like it’s so tiring but also magical and amazing,” he told the Mirror.

“The thing I struggle with most is parent guilt because there’s two of them and they’re only little, I always want them in my arms.

“For safety, you can only hold one of them, you can’t really have one in each arm. Your arms start to hurt as well.

“So I’ll be like ‘I’ve had five minutes with you,’ and then have to swap babies.

“I always feel guilty.”

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But despite the rough bits of fatherhood, Kieron said he’d love to have more kids with hubby Carl.

“I want more already,” he said.

Chase and Phoebe-Rae were born via a surrogate and were introduced to the world in All 4 documentary Raised By Queers.

In the documentary Kieron said he knew how lucky he was.

“I feel like I’ve got so much to celebrate right now,” he said. “I’m a young man who’s openly gay, I’ve got a husband, and now I’ve got two children, twins. We love those kids and we’re going to show that we’re like any other family.”

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