Harvey Price

Harvey Price flips the finger at police who made sick jokes about teen

Go Harvey!

Harvey Price has expressed his distress over a group of police that are accused of mocking him in a WhatsApp group.

The 19-year-old son of Katie Price gave them the middle finger over on his mum’s social media account.

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Taking to Instagram, Katie filmed Harvey saying: “I don’t like the police being horrible to Harvey.”

And then he flashed his middle finger. When Katie asked what it was and he simply replied: “Bird.”

The former glamour model captioned the video with: “This is why this petition needs to be signed” along with the link to the online petition.

Harvey Price
Harvey Price flipped the bird on social media (Credit: Instagram)

The parliamentary petition demands for social media accounts to only be operated by users with a verified ID.

This would ideally reduce online trolling and bullying, as users could be instantly identified by the police.

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On Katie’s Instagram stories she shared the same clip along with the message: “The eight police officers from a South London police station should be sacked and named and shamed after setting up a what’s app group just to take the [bleep] out of my son.”

What have the police been accused of?

Eight police officers, based in South East London, have been accused of posting racist and bullying messages on WhatsApp.

And many of their sick jokes reportedly mocked Harvey – who has Prader-Willi Syndrome and is on the autism spectrum.

Harvey Price
Katie Price is calling for reform on how trolls are handled and also identified (Credit: BBC)

Scotland Yard has confirmed that the officers in question are based at a Bexleyheath station.

They’ve also been accused of bullying a female colleague.

A source told the Mail: “They’ve been putting sick jokes in there, pictures of black criminals, but some of the worst stuff was taking the Mickey out of Harvey Price.

“There are a lot of messages about him, I’m told. These are the people who are supposed to be looking after us and are supposed to be out in these communities.”

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Harvey deserves better

Meanwhile, Katie’s supporters couldn’t be more supportive of her and Harvey’s plight.

Dozens vowed their support and anger over the police officers accused actions over on the Instagram posts’ comments.

In fact, one user raged: “They should be sacked and named! Disgusting behaviour… Harvey is amazing and gives me hope for my son who has very complex needs.”

Another user declared: “Police – they should all lose their jobs bullying in any shape or form is sick never mind bullying a disabled child so so wrong on all levels.”

Then a third user noted: “Should be named and shamed…stand strong.”

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