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Gemma Collins ‘nominated for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize’

Two fans reckon the GC has what it takes to save the world!

Gemma Collins has reportedly been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The GC, 39, has been nominated for one of the most prestigious prizes in the world.

She has been nominated by two YouTube stars.

The pranksters set up the The Romford Research Institute for Peace – a direct homage to Gemma’s Essex roots.

Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, both 27, say they have also nominated rapper Kanye West.

gemma collins nobel peace prize
Gemma for world peace? (Credit: SplashNews)

Gemma Collins for world peace?

Speaking to The Sun, they explained their reasoning behind the unexpected nominations.

Archie said: “The GC has spent 39 years promoting peace and harmony across Essex – and beyond.

“If you look at what peace really means, take for example her on-off relationship with James Argent – no one died.

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“It was a conflict that did appear to be resolved peacefully and we at the Romford Research Institute think this is a great demonstration of world peace.”

gemma collins prime minister
The GC has hinted at political ambitions in the past (Credit: SplashNews)

Could Gemma Collins unite North and South Korea?

Josh went on to say that he believes Gemma has what it takes to bring peace between North and South Korea.

They even argued that Gemma is more peaceful than US President Donald Trump.

What’s more, they also managed to nominate Mickey Mouse.

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Who of course is a fictitious Disney character.

As for GC, she has shared her political ambitions in past interviews.

gemma collins
Gemma regularly flashes the peace sign (Credit: SplashNews)

PM Gemma Collins?

She has joked that she could run for politics, as former reality star Trump also managed to score the top role in the White House.

Gems said to Jimmy Carr earlier this year: “How the hell did Donald Trump get to be President?

“There’s hope for me yet. There’s hope for me yet.”

She then added: “Well I think I could do one day. If Donald Trump can do it, the GC can do it.”

She even told the Daily Star last year that she was contacted to discuss Brexit.

Gemma said: “Parliament got in touch a couple of weeks ago and wanted me to speak to them regarding my take on Brexit.

“They want my views on Brexit because obviously the public listen to me.

“They want somebody my age to give my spin on it.”

It remains unknown if she made her political debut or not.

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