Gemma Collins weight loss

Gemma Collins criticised by fans as she promotes weight loss injections

The GC says her impressive weight loss is down to using SkinnyJab

Gemma Collins has disappointed many of her fans by continuing to promote weight loss SkinnyJab.

The GC, 39, shared a video of her promoting the controversial appetite suppressant injection.

She says she has lost a whopping three stone thanks to the jabs.

Taking to Instagram, she addressed her some two million followers.

Here, she said: “What I really love about SkinnyJab is it’s not just a pen.

gemma collins weight loss
Gemma Collins says weight loss injections Skinny Jab has helped get her confidence back (Credit:

“Is it’s not just a pen, it’s tailored to you. You have your own recipes, your own fitness tips.

“Your own program.”

Then she added that she’s part of the SkinnyJab ‘family’ and that she would ‘have never lost the weight’ without their support.

What did Gemma Collins say?

She captioned the video with: “So excited to share a glimpse of my @skinnyjab interview, which is finally here. Find out exactly how the team at Skinny Jab transformed me and the ins and outs of my weight loss journey.”

Gemma Collins first rose to fame back in 2011 on TOWIE (Credit:

Why are fans so upset?

Despite the former TOWIE star’s enthusiasm for the weight loss tool – her fans don’t seem so convinced.

Even some of her seemingly loyal fans expressed their concerns over the product.

One unhappy fan commented: “Shameful! Always liked you but this is not the right message.”

Another fan urged: “Gemma you are so funny why cant you promote basic good diet and exercise. Promote gym gear promote food…. an injection isn’t going to work in long term, not a great message for your followers…

Gemma Collins speaks about weight loss

“If you want to loose weight its a slow steady consistent process, don’t fool anyone, I’ve lost 30kg by liquid diets and I put it all back on so I know what I’m talking about.”

Whereas a third user complained: “What happened to embrace your natural beauty.. be yourself.”

On the official website for SkinnyJab, Gemma says she chose to lose three stone because she was tired of being ‘fat-shamed’.

She says: “I was shamed, fat-shamed, bullied, I was outcast.

“I just hope that no one is ever made to feel the way I was.

“Yes I am in the public eye. But people would look me up and down and say ‘Well you’ve got a nice face’.

“And I was absolutely sick of it. I was so low. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of the rut.”

However, SkinnyJab insists that it is a safe weight loss method.

gemma collins
Gemma Collins says she’s never felt better thanks to SkinnyJab (Credit: SplashNews)

Moreover, a spokesperson for the brand said: “This drug is fully approved by the NHS and licensed for weight-loss.

“Furthermore, SkinnyJab is regulated by the MHRA, all clinical practitioners are fully qualified and registered with the corresponding medical or nursing authority while our lead clinician who oversees all of SkinnyJab’s practice and protocols is registered and approved by the CQC for weight-loss treatments.”

ED! reached out to Gemma Collins’ representative for comment.

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