Fans left ‘bereft’ at the end of Normal People – but divided over second series

Some left emotionally wrecked

Normal People broke BBC3 records for downloads – and lots of fans are missing it already.

The open-ended finale, which aired on BBC One last night, has left room for a second series.

But some are unsure if this is the right way to go.

Dramatic scenes in Normal People had viewers gripped (Credit: BBC)

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The BBC drama focuses on the love story between two Dublin teenagers, Connell and Marianne, who come from different backgrounds.

It follows their on-off relationship as they navigate obstacles to their love, including abusive partners and family members.

Normal People is based on the novel by Sally Rooney.

Along with popularity, it gained some controversy for containing 41 minutes of sex scenes.

They included a full frontal from actor Paul Mescal, who plays Connell, which screened last night.

Left bereft

Actor Paul Mescal bared all in the drama (Credit: BBC)

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But it wasn’t just the raunchy scenes which made viewers fall in love with the show.

Many were entranced by the love story – and an ending which left it uncertain what will happen to the lovestruck pair and if their relationship will survive.

It has left the way open for a second series.


One fan wrote on Twitter: “I loved this series from start to finish the ending was heartbreaking.”

Another simply said: “Goodnight Emotionally Wrecked Britain #NormalPeople.”

Talking about the possibility of another series, another fan wrote: “Sometimes you don’t need all the answers. I think the only thing a second series of Normal People will achieve is the destruction of an amazing series. It can’t be topped.”

Another fan was full of praise.

“What an amazing series – raw, honest, authentic, so beautifully filmed and acted. And that last scene was so poignant and filled with hope and love. Now I’m bereft. #NormalPeople.”

But those hopeful at revisiting Marianne and Connell’s romance may have their hopes dashed.

Explicit scenes were abundant in Normal People (Credit: BBC)

Speaking to Wonderland magazine, Paul Mescal said: “I do feel like the series that has finished is its own thing, and I’m totally comfortable with that.

“It’s not on the cards at the moment.”

However, he admitted it would be “amazing” if he did get the chance to play Connell again.

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