Emmerdale Will Manpreet be murdered by Meena?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Meena kills Manpreet in Christmas Day showdown?

Emmerdale serial killer Meena Jutla will have a deadly Christmas Day showdown with sister Manpreet

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Manpreet Sharma is in deep danger in Emmerdale on Christmas Day as her suspicions about her murderous sister, Meena Jutla, grow.

As Manpreet digs deeper into Meena’s past, is she set to become the latest victim?

Meena’s list of victims is set to grow

Meena’s absolutely livid when Billy Fletcher dumps her for Dawn Taylor and there’s nothing provokes a homicidal maniac like a broken heart.

Emmerdale Dec 23 Manpreet is suspicious of Meena's pregnancy
Will Meena kill her own sister? (Credit: ITV)

Meena stuns Billy when she reveals she’s pregnant, but is she telling the truth? Manpreet is certainly suspicious and questions her on it.

Later, Dawn tells Billy that Meena’s baby news won’t get in the way of their relationship.

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Meanwhile, Manpreet has been doing some digging on her sibling and meets up with Carol, sister of murdered Nadine.

Manpreet is horrified when Carol tells her that she believes Meena murdered Nadine. She reels from the discovery, unable to get her head around the fact that her sister is a killer.

Manpreet is then shocked to find Meena about to report Dawn to social services.

Manpreet kills the call, grabbing Meena’s phone which enrages the village serial killer.

Emmerdale Dec 25 Manpreet is horrified to catch Meena calling social services on Dawn
Meena tries to get Dawn in trouble (Credit: ITV)

But Meena manages to cover her fury and plays the role of the concerned neighbour instead, questioning the safety of Lucas.

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Meena isn’t the only sister who can put on an act though and she believes Manpreet when she appears to soften. When Meena leaves however, Manpreet’s narrowed eyes reveal her true feelings.

Does Meena kill Manpreet in Emmerdale?

Later, Meena’s plan to get rid of Dawn steps up a gear as she attempts to plant heroin at Woodbine.

She’s frustrated when she’s interrupted, yet again, by Manpreet.

Meena tries to leave but, when Manpreet grabs her by the arm, the heroin falls to the ground revealing her cruel scheme.

Emmerdale Dec 25 Manpreet is horrified to catch Meena calling social services on Dawn
Manpreet is horrified by what she discovers (Credit: ITV)

Manpreet demands answers from her sister and even calls her pregnancy into question insisting she sees proof.

A furious Meena believes that Manpreet has crossed a line while Manpreet begins to wonder if Carol was right all along. Could her sister really be a killer?

It looks like she could be about to find out the hard way as Meena stalks her, brandishing a broken bottle.

Will Meena kill her own sister to keep her dark secrets?

Meena has killed three villagers so far and is becoming more unhinged by the episode so it’s very likely.

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