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Wednesday 8th April 2020

Debbie Harry reveals horrifying rape ordeal during armed robbery

Pop legend says she was attacked in her New York home

Blondie star Debbie Harry has revealed that she was once raped at knifepoint by a robber who broke into her New York home.

The music legend, now 74, wrote about the harrowing ordeal in her new autobiography, Face It, an excerpt of which was published by The Sun Online.

Describing the attack, Harry explained that she was with her then-partner and Blondie bandmate Chris Stein when the intruder broke in.

Harry says she was with Chris Stein when the assault happened (Credit:

In the excerpt, she wrote: "Then he poked round searching for anything worth anything. He piled up the guitars and Chris's camera, and then he untied my hands and told me to take off my pants. He [expletive] me. And then he said, 'Go clean yourself'."

Incredibly, the singer claimed that she was more concerned about the guitars being stolen.

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He piled up the guitars and Chris's camera, and then he untied my hands and told me to take off my pants.

Harry has previously stated her belief that she was once picked up by the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.

In quotes from the 2012 Blondie biography Parallel Lives, she described the incident, which she says occurred in the 1970s.

The singer thinks she was once picked up by killer Ted Bundy (Credit:

She said: "This car kept circling round and round. This guy was calling out, 'Come on, I'll give you a ride.'"

But after taking the lift, she realised that something was amiss.

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She explained: "Then I looked over at the door to crank down the window and saw there was no door handle, no crank. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, so I stuck my arm out through the crack in the window and managed to open the door from the outside."

Harry in her Blondie heyday (Credit: YouTube/BBC)

Bundy is believed to have murdered more than 30 women during the 1970s.

After being caught, he was sentenced to death and executed in the electric chair in 1989.

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