Battery-powered buzzer secret to stop your partner’s snoring

It will work within days

Forget about snore stoppers, mouth guards, straps and sprays, it seems a new battery-powered buzzer could be the secret to tackle snoring once and for all.

The device aims to help those with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a potentially serious disorder which causes breathing to repeatedly stop and start during sleep resulting in loud snoring noises.

According to the Daily Mail, research has found that this forehead gadget can reduce snoring symptoms by a third within DAYS of using it.

Snoring device
The device is worn on the forehead (Credit: Somnibel)

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OSA affects around two million people in the UK and is caused by the soft tissue in the throat relaxing and collapsing repeatedly, blocking the airways.

If untreated, it can increase a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke.

The condition is usually worse for people sleeping on their backs and this is where the Somnibel buzzer comes in handy.

The device was developed by scientists in Spain and works by alerting people when they are sleeping on their backs.

It is worn on the person’s forehead and sends out vibrations when the individual turns onto their backs.

Snoring device
The buzzer sends out vibrations when the individual turns onto their backs (Credit: Somnibel)

And it continues to vibrate until the sleeper rolls back onto their side.

However, if you are hoping to buy one of the devices ASAP, you can’t get it just yet but they will be available soon, according to Sibelmed – the company that creates the buzzer.

While the device may not be the most attractive thing to wear in bed, it will definitely help reduce “positional snoring”.

It reduces the incidence of sleep apnoea and/or positional snoring.

The website states it “reduces the incidence of sleep apnoea and/or positional snoring”.

The description continues: “It consists of a small and light device attached to the forehead that applies a soft vibration while the patient sleeps supine (on their back) to induce him to change position, thus reducing the incidence of sleep breathing events, whether apnoeas or positional snoring.”

Snoring couple
The website states the device “reduces the incidence of sleep apnoea and/or positional snoring” (Credit: Wenn)

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The website also says: “Many different clinical studies believe positional therapy to be an effective solution for positional OSA, obtaining similar results to CPAP treatment.”

Professor Jaydip Ray – an ear, nose and throat consultant at Sheffield University – told the Mail: “Simple snoring is a common social and medical problem that adversely affects many people.

“Easy to use, unobtrusive wearable devices using miniaturised accelerometers are a welcome solution for many of them. This initial study is encouraging.”

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