when is pancake day

When is Pancake Day? Lidl has you covered with a bargain crepe maker and 99p pancake mix

Now all you have to do is decide on the toppings!

Pancake Day is almost upon us, but just when is the big day – and what exactly are its origins?

Aside from a chance to gorge on delicious pancakes, Shrove Tuesday – to give the day its proper name – is actually a religious celebration.

Celebrated in Christian countries, it is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

It is seen as the last opportunity to use up eggs and fats ahead of the traditional fast, which breaks on the Saturday of Easter weekend (April 3).

Pancakes are seen as the perfect way of using up these ingredients, hence Pancake Day.

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When is Pancake Day? Why, it’s time to stock up – because it’s next week! (Credit: Pexels)

When is Pancake Day?

Straight after you’ve finished with love and romance for Valentine’s Day this weekend, Brits will go straight into another celebration.

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Yes, Pancake Day falls just two days after the international day of love, so prepare to get tossing on Tuesday February 16.

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Lidl has launched a ready-made mix that’s perfect for cheats (Credit: Lidl)

Lidl’s Pancake Day offerings

Bargain supermarket Lidl has today (February 11) rolled out its offering for Pancake Day 2021.

In store from today, you’ll be able to pick up everything you need to make your Pancake Day perfect.

In fact, Lidl said: “Shoppers can pick up everything they need at Lidl for flipping marvellous pancakes!”

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If you don’t have all the ingredients and want to cheat a little Lidl is selling a bargain ready-made Pancake Mix for 99p.

Shoppers can pick up everything they need at Lidl for flipping marvellous pancakes!

Then all you’ll need to add it lemon juice for 26p and caster sugar for 99p – this makes each pancake just 19p.

If you like your pancakes a little fluffier, Lidl is also selling a pack of six American-style pancakes for £1.39.

Simply top those with maple syrup and blueberries and you could well be in the good old US of A!

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The Crepe Maker costs £24.99 and comes with all the gadgets you need to make the perfect pancake (Credit: Lidl)

What gadgets are on offer?

If you’re anything like us, pancake tossing is an art we haven’t yet mastered.

However, Lidl has clearly thought of that with the launch of its Crepe Maker, £24.99.

Featuring a removable cooking plate, the high-quality nonstick surface has an adjustable temperature so there won’t be any danger of over-cooked pancakes.

“Whether customers are looking for a new baking challenge or simply want to whip up the perfect crepe, Lidl’s Crepe Maker will provide fun for everyone,” the rep said.

How can I make pancakes from scratch?

Happily, Lidl has released a fail-safe recipe.

To whip up pancake mix from scratch, blitz 300ml whole milk with two eggs, 150g flour and a pinch of salt to make a batter.

Next, heat a little oil in a pan, pour in around 60ml of batter and wait around two minutes for the mix to cook.

Then get flipping!

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