Wetherspoons launches six new cocktail pitchers but customers are ‘devastated’ it’s axing three favourites

Is your favourite among them?

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Pub chain Wetherspoons has added six new cocktail pitchers to its drinks menu.

Each of the newcomers sound equally dangerous and delicious and, because its Wetherspoons, you’ll also get a pocket-friendly deal on the potent cocktails.

With something to suit pretty much all tastes, we expect bar staff up and down the country will be busy preparing them this coming weekend.

The bright and boozy new cocktails are on the menu now (Credit: Wetherspoons)

“Wetherspoons are bringing out six new cocktails! This is not a drill,” said one pitcher fan.

First on the to-try list is the Kopparberg Strawberry Delight.

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It features Kopparberg’s Strawberry & Lime cider and the brand’s same flavoured gin.

The whole jug contains 375 calories and is topped with lemonade and lime.

If vodka is more your thing, give the Rhubarb Spritz a try.

The new drinks are available in all of the chain’s pubs (Credit: Unsplash)

It contains Smirnoff vodka blended with Dalston’s Fizzy Rhubarb mixer, lemonade and lime.

It’s available by the glass (50ml spirit), the pitcher (100ml spirit) or the large pitcher (150ml spirit).

One unit of a spirit such as vodka is 25ml.

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Vodka is obviously a popular tipple at ‘Spoons, as there are three more new vodka cocktails.

The Cranberry Breeze mixes Smirnoff vodka, cranberry juice, lemonade and lime.

The Mighty Booch combines Smirnoff vodka, Remedy kombucha raspberry lemonade, soda and lime.

While the Moscow Mule is a classic concoction of Old Jamaica ginger beer, lemonade and lime, with Smirnoff vodka.

Last but by no means least is the rum-based Hawaiian Pipeline Punch.

Which of the new drinks will you choose? (Credit: Wetherspoons)

It features a delicious combination of Captain Morgan spiced rum, Captain Morgan Tiki and Monster’s Pipeline Punch – passion fruit, orange and guava – all served over ice.

The regular-sized pitchers have an RRP of £6.99, but prices vary from pub to pub.

Who do Wetherspoons think they are taking Long Island Iced Tea off the cocktail menu!!!???

However, with the good news, we sadly have to bring you some bad…

To make way for the new additions to the menu, Wetherpoons has dropped three cocktail favourites from its menu.

We’re sending out a huge RIP to the Ultra Violet, Absolutely Cherry and that cocktail classic, the Long Island Iced Tea.

“Bad news, Long Island Iced Tea is my favourite,” said one fan on Twitter.

“Who do Wetherspoons think they are taking Long Island Iced Tea off the cocktail menu!!!??? Genuinely upset me,” said another.

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