NHS doctor invents ‘cure’ for snoring and some are saying it’s a bit too ‘brutal’

Would you try it?

Finally a gadget has been invented that will put an end those long, sleepless nights caused by your partner snoring.

Well, that’s the bold claim being made by an NHS surgeon, who has invented a device that offers a “cure” for snoring.

Let us introduce you to the Snoozeal.

The Snoozeal is set to launch later this year and provides a “cure” from snoring (Credit: Snoozeal)

NHS surgeon and sleep disorders expert Professor Anshul Sama has created a device which is controlled by an app on your smartphone and zaps your tongue with an electric shock.

Yes, really!

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The Snoozeal is a flexible oral device which fits into the base of the mouth. It has to be worn for 20 minutes at any time of the day for six weeks – although you’re not to wear it when you’re asleep.

The Snoozeal has two electrodes that rest against the tongue on either side and offer a sudden jolt of electricity.

The zapping action is thought to curb snoring by tightening up the floppy muscles in the tongue and at the back of the throat – which are often the cause of snoring.

You simply wear the device – which shocks your tongue with an electric current – for 20 minutes every day for six weeks (Credit: Snoozeal)

While it isn’t on sale yet, it is expected to launch later this year – and you can register your interest on the website here.

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Backed by private and Government funding, Prof Sama told the Daily Mirror: “Many devices on offer do not work and are unpopular because they have to be worn at night. Even surgery doesn’t always work and increasingly it is being rationed or even banned by the NHS to save money.”

Bit brutal. I draw the line at shock therapy!

He added: “My aim was to develop something that could be used for a short period of time once during the day.”

Early trials have shown the gadget worked on 70% of those who took part, with many others noting a significant reduction in snoring.

A dreamy night’s sleep could soon be yours (Credit: Unsplash)

However, Brits don’t seem too keen to try it out.

One snorer said: “Bit brutal. I draw the line at shock therapy!”

Another added: “And those people who have heart problems?”

A third tagged her other half and said: “Maybe I could just let you lick a battery.”

However, another added their own anti-snoring tip – and it’s free.

“An elbow to rib is more effective,” they declared.

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