Wall’s launches new limited-edition Viennetta that tastes of honeycomb, Biscoff and Caramac

Early testers say it's "so delicious"

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Wall’s has launched a new Viennetta and it tastes of honeycomb, Biscoff and Caramac.

Yes, you’d be right in thinking we’re drooling into our keyboard as we type the news.

But a new limited-edition Biscuit Caramel Viennetta exists and, according to those who’ve tried it, the ice cream treat is “so delicious”.

NewFoodsUK was one of the first to break the news of the launch on Instagram.

A new Biscuit Caramel Viennetta is on sale now (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

What flavour is the new Viennetta?

The post read: “New!!!! Limited-Edition Biscuit Caramel Viennetta! This is soooo good!

“The ice cream tastes like honeycomb, the biscuit bits tastes like Biscoff and the shards of caramel taste like Caramac!! It’s so delicious!”

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Viennetta fans quickly spotted the post and commented with glee.

“OMG!! THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!” declared one.

“I want it,” said another.

“Wooaahhhh,” said another in amazement.

“This looks insane,” said another soon-to-be fan.

It apparently tastes like Biscoff, honeycomb and Caramac (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

New flavour ‘never seen before’

“How fine does this look?!” said one tagging a pal.

“OMG looks lush,” said another.

“Oh my gosh I need to try this,” another decided.

The ice cream tastes like honeycomb, the biscuit bits tastes like Biscoff and the shards of caramel taste like Caramac!! It’s so delicious!

“Wow!! Never seen that before,” said another happy Viennetta fan.

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Makers Wall’s are yet to post the new flavour to its website, but it says the “unmistakable crack of Wall’s Viennetta is more than enough to make mouths water”.

And we have to agree.

“Wave after wave of soft ice cream flowing over layer upon layer of delicious chocolatey deliciousness – is it any wonder that Viennetta ice cream is such a firm family favourite?” the site adds.

The drool-worth dessert is a must for nostalgia fans (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

A must for nostalgia fans

“Tag a caramel lover who needs this CARAMEL BISCUIT Viennetta!” said food blogger HelenJTea on her Instagram account.

“This is definitely a new favourite for me as I absolutely loved the layers of crisp caramel chocolate and the thin layer of biscuit on the bottom was delicious.

“I always forget how much I love @wallsicecream Viennetta. This dessert gives me so much nostalgia as I used to eat it at my grandparents’,” she added.

So where can you pick up this mighty fine dessert, we hear you ask?

You’ll find it stocked at your local Morrisons store, for a limited time only.

It costs £1.79.

“Drop everything and go to Morrisons!” declared one Viennetta fan.

“Morrisons always has the good stuff,” another commented.

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