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Thursday 9th April 2020

Cadbury unveils two new additions to its Darkmilk range and they're launching next month

We can't wait to scoff these bad boys!

News just in from Cadbury HQ is sure to please fans of its Darkmilk range.

The chocolate giant has just revealed that it is adding to the range which Cadbury calls "the richest, creamiest chocolate Cadbury has ever made".

The "brand-new type of chocolate" was launched back in September 2018 and is made with 40% cocoa solids and "smooth and creamy milk".

Now Cadbury has revealed that it's adding two new products to the range.

Crunchy cocoa nibs are smothered in Cadbury Darkmilk in the new Crunchy Cocoa Pieces bar (Credit: Cadbury)

It is launching the first-ever Darkmilk Giant Buttons and the Darkmilk with Crunchy Cocoa Pieces bar next month.

The announcement is sure to come as brilliant news for Darkmilk lovers.

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A rep revealed: "Intense yet delicate and delicious, the Cadbury Darkmilk with Crunchy Cocoa Pieces bar is filled with crunchy cocoa nibs delivering an extra crunch and perfect for those who love rich chocolatey flavours with added texture."

The combination of Cadbury Darkmilk in a button form is likely to send fans into a frenzy.

Cadbury also revealed that the Crunchy Cocoa Pieces bar will be available in a 85g bar that'll have an RRP of £1.50.

March will also see the launch of the much-anticipated Cadbury Darkmilk Giant Buttons.

Cadbury said: "The combination of Cadbury Darkmilk in a button form is likely to send fans into a frenzy."

Darkmilk Giant Buttons are also hitting UK shelves (Credit: Cadbury)

The giant buttons will be available two sizes – 90g for £1 and 105g sharer bags, that have an RRP of £1.99.

We have a feeling they might just be too good to share, though!

Cadbury's Pippa Rodgers said: "We’re pleased to announce that the Cadbury Darkmilk range is expanding with the launch of the Cadbury Darkmilk with Crunchy Cocoa Pieces and Cadbury Giant Buttons."

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She added: "The new additions to the Cadbury Darkmilk range will excite lovers of intense, rich and chocolatey flavours."

"Cadbury Darkmilk is 10/10," said one fan of the range.

Another said: "Cadbury Darkmilk is quickly becoming my favourite chocolate ever. Mmm yum yum!"

Chocoholics are drooling over the new Cadbury launch (Credit: Barbara Walton/EPA/Shutterstock)

A third added that they were addicted to the stuff!

"My latest addiction is Cadbury Darkmilk. The things I would do for a piece of that," they said.

Luckily for that chocoholic, all they'll have to do is pop to their local shop next month!

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