Christmas dinner

The nation’s favourite Christmas dinner item has been revealed – and it’s not the turkey!

Pigs in blankets aren't up there either!

The nation’s perfect Christmas dinner has been revealed, just in time for the holidays.

The festive season is definitely a time for feasting and, to celebrate, Brits have revealed their most favourite part of their Christmas dinner.

Read on, the research – conducted by Foodhub – might just surprise you.

Christmas dinner
Foodhub has discovered the UK’s favourite element of a traditional Christmas dinner (Credit: Foodhub)

The nation’s favourite Christmas dinner item revealed

According to Foodhub, the classic roast potato is the most popular item on a British Christmas dinner plate.

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Even though it’s not strictly a festive food, being a staple of most people’s Sundays, the roast potato is actually a lot of Brits’ favourite element of a Christmas feast.

In fact, 57% of the British public voted that they can’t imagine a Christmas meal without a roast potato.

Christmas turkey

Turkey also plays a significant role when it comes to Christmas dinner.

It sits in the centre of our dinner tables, before it’s carved and stuffed into our mouths.

The traditional turkey is the UK’s number one Christmas meat and, according to the research, 39% of Brits think it’s their favourite item.

However, the research has also discovered that Geordies and Scots are most likely to replace the turkey and have beef instead.

Christmas dinner favourites: Pigs in blankets

Pigs in blankets come in third with 35% of the public voting them as their Christmas favourites.

One of the most crucial parts of Christmas dinner – for us anyway – is an array of pigs in blankets.

Their miniature size is perfect for scoffing as many as you can, before the rest of your family joins the dinner table.

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According to Foodhub, people who live in Kent actually eat pigs in blankets far more than anyone else.

It is said on average more than 20 each will be consumed over the Christmas period from Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve.

The nation's favourite Christmas dinner items
The nation’s favourite Christmas meal items have been unveiled (Credit: Unsplash)

Christmas dinner favourites: Stuffing

Stuffing is the nation’s fourth favourite item to feast on at Christmas.

According to FoodHub, you are actually most likely to find stuffing on your Christmas dinner plate in the South West than anywhere else in the UK.

Gravy and Yorkshire puddings are joint fifth with 21%.

Next is sprouts and parsnips.

You either love sprouts or you hate them and, according to the survey, 18% of the British public consider them to be their favourite part of the meal.

The bottom two favourites are cranberry sauce and carrots with 8% and 5%.

The Welsh are most likely to have a vegan Christmas

Also according to the survey, people who live in Wales are most likely to eat a vegan Christmas feast.

Reportedly 15% of Welsh people will be going vegan on Christmas Day this year.

Foodhub has also discovered that some Brits turn their noses up at a tradition Christmas dinner.

Some 5% of the British public have confessed that they hate the traditional meal and refuse to eat it on Christmas Day.

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