Tesco Baileys

Tesco launches three Baileys creams for Christmas including one flavoured with salted caramel

Brits are stocking up!

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Tesco has unveiled three Baileys creams for Christmas and one of them is flavoured with salted caramel.

The trio of new launches were spotted in the store’s refrigerated aisles by Instagram foodie Kev’s Snack Reviews.

And, after he posted the news to his grid, the comments came thick and fast.

Some followers even went into panic mode and stocked up ahead of Christmas Day just in case supplies ran out!

four tubs of Baileys cream for Christmas
Tesco has launched a range of Baileys creams for Christmas (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

What flavour are the new Tesco Baileys creams?

There are three creams currently on sale in Tesco, according to Kev.

You can pick from the Baileys Pouring Cream, Baileys Extra Thick Cream or, our favourite, the Baileys Extra Thick Salted Caramel Cream.

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Perfect on festive desserts such as Christmas pudding, they all cost £2 each per tub.

What have people said about the creams?

Baileys lovers have been stocking up ahead of the festive period.

“Picked some of the Baileys cream up yesterday, just in case they run out!!” said one of Kev’s followers.

Forget the puddings, I’ll have it straight from the tub!

“They should do the Baileys cream all year round, not just at Christmas,” said another before declaring. “I’m stocking up!”

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“I think this is needed for every day!” another agreed.

“I love it when they bring all these different creams out,” said another festive food fan.

“OMG need to try the salted caramel one. I had the normal and that was gorgeous!!” another exclaimed.

“Baileys Salted Caramel Cream!” another declared with the drooling emoji.

Tub of Baileys salted caramel cream
The Extra Thick Salted Caramel Cream appears to be an early favourite (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

Others had serving ideas.

“Imagine that with chocolate fudge cake,” one soon-to-be shopper.

“Would go with my apple crumble,” said another.

“Forget the puddings, I’ll have it straight from the tub,” another declared.

“Mmmmmm bring it on,” said another drooling follower.

Where can I get them and how much are they?

If you want to try the creams they’re on sale at Tesco now.

Each costs £2 per tub.

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