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Brits slam Papa John’s as it advertises its Pizza in the Park delivery service amid lockdown

The chain has apologised "unreservedly" for the flyer…

Pizza chain Papa John’s has been accused of failing to “fully realising the seriousness of the situation we find ourselves in” after it advertised its Pizza in the Park delivery service.

This week, households across the nation have received leaflets through their doors advertising the service.

“Pizza in the park? No probs,” the leaflet reads.

“We’ll bring the flavour to you,” it added.

Papa John's
Papa John’s new flyers have been landing on doormats this week (Credit: ED!)

The leaflet directed Papa John’s fans to the Delivery Spots page on its website.

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And, while the pizza chain has since Tweeted that the leaflets were “sent out before life as we know it changed”, Papa John’s has been branded irresponsible for not stopping the distribution.

Hey @PapaJohnsUK, your latest flyer just landed on our doormat. Great to see you fully realising the seriousness of the situation we find ourselves in and are looking to help by offering to deliver pizza to groups in local parks. Staggering!!!” one Brit tweeted.

Another added: “Awkward bit of advertising from @PapaJohnsUK during this #coronavirus pandemic.”

papa john's
The store is still delivering, but not to parks (Credit: Unsplash)

A third tweeted: “Appreciate these things take a long time to get out (this arrived today), but not v helpful considering so many people were out flouting the rules this weekend.”

“Didn’t get the memo”

Another raged: “@PapaJohnsUK didn’t get the memo about being in parks!”

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Over the weekend, a London park was forced to close until further notice due to selfish Brits flouting lockdown laws.

Brits are to stay at home and stay safe and stop the spread of coronavirus.

However, this didn’t stop some sunbathing in parks and enjoying social gatherings as the weather took a warmer turn.

Responding to the tweets, Papa John’s apologised for the misunderstanding.

It said: “Hi there, we’re really sorry you’ve received this flyer. These were distributed before social distancing guidelines were introduced. Hopefully we’ll be able to share pizza in the park again really soon.”

Awkward bit of advertising from @PapaJohnsUK during this #coronavirus pandemic.

However, another Twitter user added: “Why @PapaJohnsUK are you paying @RoyalMail to deliver leaflets advertising you will deliver #pizza to parks and beaches three weeks into #Lockdown? All in Maidstone have received. Your website still offers this!!”

He added: “Surely you could have withdrawn the delivery of leaflets in the time since lockdown.”

ED! contacted Papa John’s for a comment on this story and took a look on the Delivery Spots page on the website.

“We apologise unreservedly”

It states: “Delivery Spots has been temporarily stopped due to coronavirus. This service will be available again soon.”

A Papa John’s rep told ED!: “We apologise unreservedly for our leaflet. It was created before our lives changed in ways we couldn’t imagine, and of course is a reference to how life was and how we hope it will be again soon.”

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