Aldi is selling ‘snackable’ pigs in blankets after giving the Christmas treat a ‘spring time makeover’

Enjoy hot or cold!

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There’s nothing us Brits love more than pigs in blankets.

Traditional, cheesy or even on top of a pizza, there’s no pig in blanket we won’t devour.

So it’s fair to say supermarket Aldi has made our lockdown dreams come true with news of a new pigs in blanket launch.

pigs in blankets
Aldi is selling snackable pigs in blankets (Credit: Aldi)

Yes, we’re well aware Christmas was almost four months ago.

But we’re taking all the cheer we can get during the current pandemic.

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The “snackable” pigs in blankets are on sale now and cost £1.49 for a pack of 12.

Spring makeover

“Supermarket Aldi has taken the favourite Christmas staple, the humble pig in blanket, and given it a spring time makeover,” a rep said.

“Who said they have to be reserved just for Christmas?”

They come cooked and ready to eat and are perfect for all that extra snacking we’re doing while we work from home.

Aldi halloumi pigs in blankets
The store’s halloumi pigs in blankets (Credit: Aldi)

Made with seasoned pork sausage infused with sage and black pepper, they’re hand-wrapped in smoked streaky bacon.

You can also eat them hot or cold.

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“Perfect as an addition to a garden picnic or lunch, these bite-size wonders are perfect for the whole family,” the rep added.

Let’s just hope the rumoured shortage that almost affected Christmas pigs in blanket stock levels doesn’t happen to the porky treats this spring.

Christmas shortage

Due to labour shortages, there were worries there wouldn’t be enough workers to carry out some of the tasks for the festive period – including making the UK’s favourite Christmas dinner addition.

Yes, those delicious pigs are most definitely popular.

Research conducted over the Christmas period revealed just how popular pigs in blankets are with Brits.

Who said they have to be reserved just for Christmas?

They were named as the nation’s favourite seasonal snack.

According to the survey findings, 33% of Brits said the sausage and bacon treats were their favourite.

Lidl pigs in blankets pizza
Lidl even launched a pizza topped with them (Credit: Lidl)

Meanwhile, they beat mince pies (26%) and turkey sarnies (21%) to the top spot.

Now all we need is for Aldi to bring back last Christmas’s halloumi pigs in blanket and our life really will be complete!

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