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Over 1.6 millions Brits kiss their dogs on the lips – but is it cute or revolting?

And 4% of pet owners let their dogs bathe with them!

More than 1.6 million Brits kiss their dogs on the lips, a new survey has revealed – but is it cute or just a little weird?

For many, our four-legged friends have been the best thing about lockdown, with demand for pets soaring since the start of the pandemic.

However, some appear to have got super-close to their pups in the absence of close contact from friends and family.

Some have even confessed to sharing a bath with their dog – so do you think the behaviour is cute, or downright revolting?

woman kissing a dog
Do you think it’s cute to kiss your dog on the lips? (Credit: Pexels)

What did the survey show?

A new survey by Mira Showers confirmed what we already know – Britain is a nation of animal lovers.

People love to pamper their pets, and the study has shown just how far Brits are prepared to go in order to make their pets feel loved and part of the family.

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The research showed that almost 5 million dog owners kiss their dogs goodnight.

We can confirm that the UK is officially a nation of soppy dog owners.

Not only that, 12% of the people surveyed – more than 1.6 million – confessed to kissing their pup on the lips.

Meanwhile, 27% revealed they let their dogs lick their faces.

“Sorry, but kissing your dog on the lips is vile,” said one person on Twitter.

Another agreed: “Dogs lick their bits every hour and people have the nerve to say their mouth is cleaner than a human’s to justify kissing them on the lips.”

“Personally I love kissing dogs on the lips,” one animal lover countered.

puppy in the bath
Some 4% of participants revealed they shared a bath with their pup (Credit: Mira Showers)

Sharing baths with dogs – cute or weird?

Some went a little further, though – and 4% of the people surveyed revealed that they shared a bath with their dog.

Yes, after Fido has run around in the mud, rolled in foxes’ poo and got up to god knows what else, a handful of Brits allowed their dog to bathe with them.

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Others admitted to letting their dogs in the shower with them.

Women spoil their dogs more than men, the results show, although more men than women let their dogs eat at the dinner table with them.

And, not only that, 27% of those surveyed revealed they let their dog lick their plate or cup once they’d finished with it.

woman kissing a puppy
Many have credited their four-legged friends with getting them through lockdown (Credit: Pexels)

The most pampered breeds revealed

Cockapoos, lurchers and mixed breeds are among the most pampered dogs – the breeds topping all 15 of the special privileges listed in the survey.

When it comes to sleeping habits, 44% of pet owners revealed their spoilt dogs sleep on their beds.

Some 25% of them went one step further, though, letting their pooch under the covers with them.

A rep revealed: “With 1.6 million dog owners who confess to kissing their pet on the lips and 2.4 million owners who would take the day off work to care for a poorly pup, we can confirm that the UK is officially a nation of soppy dog owners.”

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