McVitie’s gives its Digestives an upgrade with the launch of three ‘posh’ Very Important Biscuits

They'll be on sale later this week

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If you’re a fan of McVitie’s Digestives then we have some very good news for you.

Makers Pladis has announced it’s going upmarket with a new range of posh biscuits and the flavours sound divine.

The new Very Important Biscuit range features three new Digestives that are topped with a layer of chewy caramel and a layer of smooth milk chocolate.

First up is the Classic Caramel Bliss VIB, although you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve tried this one before…

The Classic Caramel Bliss features caramel and milk chocolate (Credit: McVitie’s)

It features a McVitie’s Digestive base and sounds pretty similar to a Caramel Digestive as it’s covered in a layer of smooth caramel and a ripple of milk chocolate.

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However, the biscuit appears to be the base from which the other two beauties are made.

And the addition of caramel to all of the biscuits makes them more stable when it comes to dunking in your cuppa!

Next on the list is the Heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut VIB and it actually sounds as if it’s been sent by the angels.

The Heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut has a nutty twist (Credit: McVitie’s)

It too features caramel and chocolate, however, it has an added punch of flavour thanks to the addition of hazelnuts.

But will premium biscuits mean a premium price?

Last but by no means least is the Luscious Blood Orange VIB, which combines the flavours of caramel and chocolate with a sharp citrus burst of orange.

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McVitie’s Emma Stowers has high hopes for the range and told The Grocer the biscuits were its “finest biscuit to date”.

And she said just because they’re fancier than the normal Digestives, the price of the packets won’t necessarily reflect that.

She stressed they were priced “very competitively” but will still feel “premium”.

Citrus fans are in for a treat with the Luscious Blood Orange biscuits (Credit: McVitie’s)

You can get your hands on the trio of new biscuits when they launch in Asda on Sunday (July 12).

They will be priced at £1.79 per 250g packet and will roll out in other supermarkets from the end of August.

More biscuit news

In other biscuit news, Maryland has launched a new packet of cookies, too.

And it appears they’re not only delicious but a bargain, too.

As a huge mint lover, these are a dream come true!! These have a strong mint taste, which we loved!

You can pick up the Maryland Treats Mint Choc Chip Cookies in B&M stores towards the end of this week.

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And, in even more good news, food blogger NewFoodsUk revealed they’ll cost just 49p when they hit the bargain store’s shelves.

“As a huge mint lover, these are a dream come true!! These have a strong mint taste, which we loved!” they said.

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