Mayonnaise just got an upgrade thanks to the launch of four new flavoured varieties by Heinz

Black truffle mayo, anyone?

There’s good news for fans of arguably the world’s best condiment – mayonnaise.

Brilliant in everything from sandwiches to burgers, it also make a pretty decent chip dip.

And, hot on the heels of Heinz’s ice cream kit launch featuring the white stuff comes four new flavours in its Seriously Good Mayonnaise range.

Let us introduce you to the line-up, which goes on sale in all good supermarkets this week.

The Basil & Parmesan is a great addition to a pasta dish (Credit: Heinz)

First up, and perhaps the most mouthwatering in our opinion, is Basil & Parmesan.

Heinz says the “rich and flavoursome” mayo is great on salads or in pasta.

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“Create a pasta perfect dish with a squeeze of creamy, rich and flavoursome basil and parmesan, a classic taste and scrumptious addition to salads,” said a rep.

Next comes the Garlic & Caramelised Onion mayo – the perfect mouthwatering match for burgers and deli-style sandwiches.

Garlic & Caramelised Onion is a god burger mayo (Credit: Heinz)

The new Lemon & Black Pepper mayo is a “delicious and zesty” condiment that’ll work well with seafood.

“The perfect accompaniment to seafood, salads and to add a boost of flavour to your sandwiches or fish,” Heinz said.

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And, last but by no means least comes the rather luxurious Rich & Creamy Truffle mayo.

Black truffle mayo

It features a “luxurious sweep of rich black truffle”.

It’ll “complement your canapés or use as indulgent dip for your chips to get your taste buds tingling”.

They’re all suitable for vegetarians and hitting shelves right about now!

The Rich & Creamy Truffle mayo looks fancy (Credit: Heinz)

They’re priced at £1.89 for a 220ml squeezy bottle.

The fab four have something for everyone.

“The fab four have something for everyone. Whether you’re craving melt-in-the-mouth garlic and caramelised onion, the irresistible combination of basil and parmesan, a luxurious sweep of rich and creamy black truffle or zesty lemon and black pepper,” said the blurb.

An “infusion of extra flavour”

Heinz’s Maria Perez De Ayala said: “We’re pleased to announce delicious new flavours to our Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise range.”

Lemon & Black Pepper is good with fish (Credit: Heinz)

She added: “The four flavours are welcome additions to our popular [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise family and will enhance everyone’s mealtimes into something special, with a serious infusion of extra flavour. We can’t wait for people to try them!”

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