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Lidl is selling Christmas tins of Reece’s Peanut Butter Miniatures for £6

They're a fraction of the price of Amazon!

Lidl is selling Christmas sharer tins of Reece’s Peanut Butter Miniatures in milk, white and dark chocolate and Brits are thrilled.

In fact, one happy shopper has said the sweets are like a “dance of love on your tongue”!

The tins have proved popular on social media and are selling at a pretty inflated price on Amazon.

Thankfully, Lidl has all your Christmas chocolate needs sorted!

tin of peanut butter cups
Christmas has come early at Lidl thanks to this little beauty (Credit: Amazon)

How much are the Christmas choccies at Lidl?

Kev’s Snack Reviews shared a picture of the tin – much like a tin of Celebrations – on Instagram.

He said: “Reese’s Miniatures tins are now in @lidlgb for £5.99… and the tin is shaped like a Reese’s cup!”

He added: “Available for a limited time.”

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Wilko also stocks the tins, but the website says they’re out of stock.

You can get them on Amazon, although you’ll have to dig deep.

They’re on sale on the site for a whopping £13.99!

So if you pop down to Lidl you’ll make a tidy £8 saving.

Hell, why not splash the cash on another tin for a friend!

close up of peanut butter cups
The tin features classic milk, white and dark Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (Credit: Shutterstock)

What’s inside the Celebrations-style tin?

The tin contains 350g of the three flavours of Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures.

There’s something for everyone because you can pick from the original milk chocolate cup, a white chocolate creme cup or a dark chocolate offering.

“Could eat these every single day,” said one of Kev’s followers.

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“Mmmmmm. Ain’t nothing like some Reece’s!” declared another.

“Need this!” said another.

I bought the item a few weeks ago as a Christmas present but they called my name! So naughty Mummy ate them with naughty Daddy and boy where they yummy!

“Yum!” another added.

“Mini white Reece’s,” said another with the drooling emoji.

“Bought these for family and friends and can happily say we all enjoyed them so much!” one happy shopper declared.

“Super happy with this item! Husband is even happier as he loves them,” said another.

Like a ‘dance of love on your tongue’

“I bought the item a few weeks ago as a Christmas present but they called my name! So naughty Mummy ate them with naughty Daddy and boy where they yummy,” the chocolate lover confessed.

“The white ones are divine. Like a little dance of love on your tongue!” she added.

Another, however, showed extreme restraint and revealed they’re saving their tin till closer to the big day.

“These will remain unopened until Christmas!” one determined Reece’s fan declared.

We’re not entirely sure that we can promise the same…

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