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KFC launches Christmas burger that you pour gravy all over and Brits are divided

Gravy fans are overjoyed but not everyone feels the same…

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KFC has announced a Christmas cracker that’s set to join the chain’s menu from next Monday (November 16).

One for all the KFC gravy fans out there, it features an Original Recipe chicken fillet topped with a slice of cheese and a hash brown.

However, it’s a hash brown with a difference as it features a well on top that you can pour a jug of KFC’s delicious gravy on to.

Not only that, it also features a layer of “gravynnaise” – yes, gravy-flavoured mayonnaise!

KFC's Christmas meal lifestyle picture
KFC has launched its Christmas burger and it’s a cracker (Credit: KFC)

What did KFC say about its Christmas burger?

Announcing the launch, KFC said: “We see you. Yeah you. The one who queues eagerly to get a taste of KFC’s gravy. The one ordering that extra pot to liberally dunk, dip or drizzle.

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“The gravy addict who stocks up the fridge way ahead of Christmas Day. Every year you go to great lengths to get your KFC gravy fix, so this Christmas we’ve got a tree-mendous (sorry!) treat for you.”

As well as the burger, the Gravy Burger Box Meal also features a separate Original Recipe chicken fillet, chips, a pot of gravynnaise, a pouring gravy boat full of gravy and a drink.

KFC's Christmas meal
The meal comes with a separate fillet and chips – and the gravy boat (Credit: KFC)

What’s the reaction been like?

Brits are divided over the launch though – some love the idea, but others aren’t so keen.

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“Not sure about that? Looks really messy and why ruin a good thing?” said one KFC fan. “Keep them separate.”

Not sure about that? Looks really messy and why ruin a good thing?

Another added: “I do like KFC and I do like gravy but I’m not sure about this.”

KFC's Christmas meal close up
It even has gravy-flavoured mayonnaise (Credit: KFC)

‘Mesmerised by this’

Others were very keen on it though.

“The KFC Christmas burger revealed today looks amazing. Hash brown, gravy boat and gravynnaise!” one exclaimed.

“Slightly mesmerised by this,” said another.

“Just drink it straight,” another said of their plans for the gravy boat.

“Well the good news just keeps on coming, doesn’t it?” another declared.

The KFC Gravy Burger Box Meal will cost £6.99 and you’ll even be able to get it on Deliveroo.

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