McDonald's Celebrations McFlurry

McDonald’s launches Celebrations McFlurry and Brits are concerned

Will you be trying it?

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McDonald’s is launching a Celebrations McFlurry for Christmas 2020 and worried Brits are all saying the same thing.

Available in two sizes – regular and mini – we think it looks insane.

An ice cream take on the classic tub of Christmas chocolates, it features dairy vanilla ice cream swirled and topped with all the best sweets from the tin.

Celebrations traditionally contain Snickers, Twix, Mars, Bounty, Milky Way, Galaxy Milk, Galaxy Caramel and Maltesers Teasers.

However, only a nod to five of the sweets will make an appearance in the new McDonald’s McFlurry when it launches next Wednesday (November 18) – and that’ll come as a relief to many.

two Celebrations McFlurry from Mcdonald's
Behold the new Celebrations McFlurry (Credit: McDonald’s)

What are Brits saying about the new McDonald’s Celebrations McFlurry?

Imagine getting a fat mouthful of Bounty thinking you were in for a Malteser,” said one concerned Brit. “Vile.”

No words for how frustrated I’ll be if you can’t order that Celebrations McFlurry without Snickers & Bounty,” another commented.

I hear you Celebrations McFlurry, and I want to be there for you, but what if I get a bit of a Bounty one?

I hear you Celebrations McFlurry, and I want to be there for you, but what if I get a bit of a Bounty one?” said another with the green vomit emoji.

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However, there’s good news for Bounty hating Brits.

There’s not a hint of coconut in the new McFlurry!

Maltesers clusters, Galaxy chocolate drops, Mars nuggets and Twix biscuits feature in the new McFlurry.

It also has a delicious caramel sauce.

Tub of Celebrations
The Christmas classic has been given a makeover (Credit: Amazon)

‘Thank god no Bounty’

The fact that there’s no sign of many Brits’ worst Celebrations sweet has filled many social media users with joy.

“Thank god no Bounty,” said one coconut hater.

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Celebrations McFlurry. No Bounty included. You know me well @McDonalds,” another commented.

“OMG so need this!” said one fan-to-be.

“Heaven in a pot,” another commented.

“Need one of those ASAP,” another commented.

Well, if you feel the same, you’ll be able to pick them up next Wednesday.

The mini will cost 99p, while the regular sells for £1.39.

huge Christmas Big Mac
A Double Big Mac is also launching (Credit: McDonald’s)

Huge Big Mac news!

Also on the menu, should you fancy something savoury, is a whopper of a festive Big Mac.

The Double Big Mac features four burgers instead of two and is McDonald’s biggest-ever burger.

It’ll cost £4.19 when it launches next week.

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