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Jaffa Cakes are being eaten wrong, confirms biscuit giant McVitie’s

The chocolate side is actually the bottom...

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Jaffa Cake fans have been left stunned after learning they’ve been eating them UPSIDE DOWN.

McVitie’s confirmed the shock news after being asked online which way up they should be consumed.

A shopper, called David, sent a message to the biscuit giant saying: “What side of the Jaffa is the bottom?”

Jaffa Cakes should be eaten with the chocolate on the bottom (Credit: Cover Images)

How should we eat Jaffa Cakes?

He then received a reply, stating: “Hi David, our Jaffa Cakes go through a reservoir of chocolate, so the chocolate is on the bottom!”

The McVitie’s official signed off: “Thanks, Jaffa Cakes.”

A mum has since posted the exchange in the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas.

And it is fair to say the news has shocked fans of the yummy snack, with some even refusing to accept it.

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One person replied: “Lol no really not accepting this. The cake part is the bottom.”

Another wrote: “The bad news just keeps on coming. What a year.”

A third even joked: “Whoever wrote that needs firing!”

Our Jaffa Cakes go through a reservoir of chocolate, so the chocolate is on the bottom!

However, others claimed to already know that the chocolate goes on the bottom – likening it to Chocolate Digestives!

Someone replied: “It’s exactly the same as chocolate digestives!”

Another claimed: “Same as a chocolate digestive!! I found this out a few months back.”

Jaffa Cakes ‘go through a resovoir of chocolate’ meaning the chocolate part is the bottom (Credit: YouTube)

Good news for chocolate fans

Meanwhile, there has been more chocolate-related news this week.

Sparking celebration among fans, Cadbury has unleashed two new bars among its existing flavours.

Dairy Milk Butterscotch Crunch is packed with pieces of crunchy butterscotch – similar to chunks of Werther’s Original.

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Cadbury has also made Dairy Milk Coffee & Almond bars.

The perfect pick-me-up, it too features a Dairy Milk base but with a delicious hint of coffee.

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Crunchy almond pieces finish the yummy bar of chocolate off nicely.

Both bars are actually imports from India, so are unavailable to buy in UK shops.

However, they can be snapped up online at GB Gifts. for £1.99 plus P&P.

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