Huge Milka bars in four flavours go on sale at B&M for just £1.69 each

Which flavour will you scoff first?!

Milka fans, this one’s for you. New reaches us that four huge Milka chocolate bars have just gone on sale at B&M.

And, what’s more, they are a total bargain.

The foodie finds were spotted by Instagrammer Kev’s Snack Reviews.

And he posted a couple of drool-worthy pictures of the bars that are on sale, too.

The bars on sale in B&M are the same size that you get at the airport (Credit: My Duty Free)

First of all, let’s start with the size of the bars.

Anyone familiar with an airport duty free will have seen the mammoth Milka bars stacked on the shelves as they jet off on holiday.

However, now the 300g mega bars have made their way to the high street.

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“No longer have to wait until we go to the airport to get our favourite chocolate!” exclaimed one happy B&M customer.

And, what’s more, they cost just £1.69 each.

Usually in duty free they’ll set you back about a fiver, and there always seems to be that airport three-for-two offer on as well.

You can buy smaller bars in the supermarket (Credit: Tesco)

However, while there’s no such offer in B&M, we’re not entirely sure you’ll need it as the prices are so low.

“Damn that is cheap!” said one Milka lover.

Which flavours can I buy?

So which varieties can you get your hands on?

First up is Choco & Biscuit.

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It’s crunchy, silky and creamy all at once.

It features a crunchy cookie core layered with delicious milk cream and covered with Milka’s smooth, melting Alpine milk chocolate.

Wanna give all four a go. Couldn’t pick one!

Next on the must-scoff list is the Milka & Oreo bar.

It features milk chocolate filled with crispy Oreo biscuit pieces and that delicious Milka cream.

For those who can’t decided if they like milk, dark or white chocolate the best, there’s also a bar for that.

Triolade layers the three chocolates into one truly scrumptious bar.

Rounding out the quartet is the Mmmax Champiolade bar, which has a footie theme.

However, whether you like the beautiful game or not, we guarantee the chocolate bar will most definitely score highly in your affections.

It features Alpine milk chocolate with crunchy chocolate rice balls, milk cream filling, butter-caramel and crisp rice.

The verdict!

Over on Instagram, Kev’s followers seemed to share one opinion.

“Wanna give all four a go. Couldn’t pick one,” said one chocoholic who speaks for all at ED!, too!

“One of each please!” said another.

“All of them, like at the airport shop!” said another.

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