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How to cheat at Wordle – and tips on how to legitimately win

The new viral game can be pretty frustrating

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If you’ve been on Twitter over the last few weeks, you’ll have noticed a new trend doing the rounds – Wordle – and it looks like it’s going to be around for a while.

It’s pretty difficult, and many people fail to guess the day’s word. But, what if you could cheat? What if you could correctly guess the day’s word, without spending ages wracking your brains? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can do just that!

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Wordle is the internet’s new obsession (Credit: TODAY / YouTube)

What is Wordle and who plays it?

If you don’t remember Wordle being a thing six months ago, that’s because it wasn’t. The game was only launched in October 2021 and within two months become a viral phenomenon. It is now played by over 2 million people and counting.

It’s a pretty simple game to understand too. Every day, players have to guess what the secret 5-letter word is. Using a 5×6 grid, players have six opportunities to guess the word of the day, or they lose the game.

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Plenty of celebrities play the game too. You’ll have undoubtedly seen them share their scores in the form of emojis on their Twitter every morning, whether they won the game or not.

Richard Osman of Pointless fame, The Chase’s Paul Sinha, and BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker all play Wordle on the daily. They all regularly share their scores with their followers too.

BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker on Strictly
Dan Walker is the most recent celebrity to play Wordle (Credit: BBC)

How to cheat at Wordle

Yes, winning Wordle by correctly guessing the mystery word by yourself is the preferred option. However, some days you might just want to find out what the word is, pretend to your followers that you guessed it by yourself, and go about your day!

There are a couple of ways for players to cheat at Wordle, and they’re pretty simple to do!

One way to cheat is by just trying to correctly guess the word of the day. Whether you win or lose, the word will appear at the top of your screen once your six guesses are up.

Once the word has appeared, simply open up a new window in Incognito and start a new game (you can’t restart the game by refreshing your URL). Once your new game has started, just input the correct word the first time (or second, to avoid suspicion), and post your results on Twitter.

The other way you can cheat is by simply typing “Wordle” into the search bar on Twitter. With a bit of scrolling, you’ll soon find out what the word of the day is.

How to win fair and square

If cheating isn’t your thing, then here are a few tips on how to win the game – or try your best to win it, anyway.

One tip that’s advised is to start with a guess that uses the most common letters in the English language – E, A, T, R, S, I, O, and N.

Don’t start your guesses with words that repeat letters either. “Stare” is going to be a better first guess than “state”, for example.

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Eliminating vowels early on will help narrow down your available letters drastically, giving you more of a chance of guessing the word of the day. “Adieu” is one of the best first guesses you can make.

Perhaps the most important tip for UK players to remember is that Wordle uses American-English spellings! Don’t get caught out!

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