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What is Wordle and why are so many celebs suddenly so obsessed with the app?

The game is becoming quite the phenomenon!

Twitter users will have noticed many of the celebrities they follow are taking part in a new word game on an app called Wordle.

But what is Wordle exactly? Is the Wordle app free? And why are so many celebrities suddenly so obsessed with it?

Wordle has taken the world by storm (Credit: YouTube)

What is Wordle and is the app free?

Wordle is a word game that may look simple but is actually rather deceptively difficult.

It launched in the autumn and has seen a meteoric rise in users over the last couple of months. In November, just 90 people were playing the game on the Wordle app and website.

By the beginning of January, 300,000 users were playing. Last weekend, the user count was up to two million.

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The premise of the game is pretty simple. Every day, users will have a new five-letter word to guess. They have six chances to guess it, otherwise, they lose.

The game is played on a six-by-five grid, with letters to pick from underneath.

Players will then have to think of a five-letter word and type it into the grid. If a letter they pick is part of the mystery word, it will turn yellow, narrowing down the player’s choices.

Users can play Wordle for free on the website or by downloading the app.

richard osman
Richard Osman plays Wordle (Credit: BBC)

Which celebrities are playing Wordle?

Plenty of celebrities have started playing Wordle over the last few weeks and months. Many regularly post their results on Twitter, in the form of emojis.

Using emojis, the celebrities replicate how their Wordle grid looked when they won (or lost) the game.

Pointless star Richard Osman is one celebrity who regularly posts his Wordle results on his Twitter for his 1.1 million followers to see.

The Chase star Paul Sinha is another who plays the game and posts his results on Twitter.

He tweeted yesterday (Tuesday, January 11) showing his 205.5k followers that he’d guessed the mystery word after four chances.

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker is the latest celebrity to join in on the act. He tweeted about the game on Twitter today.

“I estimate that 98% of people will not get today’s WORDLE,” he wrote. “Very frustrating.”

Dan Walker on twitter
Dan Walker recently started playing the game too (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

What have people said about Wordle?

It seems that lots of people, celebrities or not, want to get in on the Wordle action!

“Is Wordle on an app or website….(a little bit late to this I know),” fellow BBC presenter Sophie Raworth asked in the replies to Dan’s tweet.

“I just do it on the website every day – without posting results,” Dan said. “This is the only day I have failed.”

Plenty of Twitter users were as frustrated as Dan with Wordle today – because the word they were trying to guess was spelled using American English!

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“Well. There’s a lesson for British English speaking players of Wordle,” Chris Addison tweeted.

“My British English language brain is LIVID at today’s Wordle,” comedian Rosie Jones said.

Looks like I picked the wrong day to try #Wordle,” another user grumbled.

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