head lice

Head lice can be banished using a 99p beauty staple, one mum claims

Her kids had nits nine times in a year!

The mere thought of head lice is enough to make our heads itch.

And, with kids soon heading back to school, the annoying bugs could soon rear their ugly heads once more.

Head lice are passed from kid to kid and, when one child in class has them, a “nit notice” is sent home from school which sends all parents reaching for the nit lotion.

head lice
Head lice are a common complaint among kids (Credit: Cover Images)

However, it’s pricey and not always effective.

But one mum has come up with something that’s a lot cheaper and, she says, works a treat.

What is this miracle head lice cure, we hear you ask?

Well, it’s a simply hairspray that you can pick up for less than £1.

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Posting on parenting website KidSpot, mum Annaliese Dent revealed her top head lice tips.

They don’t like the sticky and straw-like texture. It makes the hair an undesirable breeding ground.

She said her children caught nits a whopping nine times last year and she was at her wits end.

Expensive head lice treatment

We expect she was also a little out of pocket, considering boxes of nit lotion can cost around £11 in Superdrug and Boots.

She said that, despite using the pricey products, she just couldn’t stop them from coming back.

Head lice treatments can be pricey (Credit: Superdrug)

She said she even considered using flea lotion developed for animals on her children!

Until she made her discovery.

Annaliese said: “I was deflated, defeated and at the acceptance stage of nit-grief when someone sent me a message on Instagram with the most life-changing piece of advice. Hairspray,” she said.

And, in another piece of good news, apparently the “cheaper the better” when it comes to tackling the pests.

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She continued: “They don’t like the sticky and straw-like texture. It makes the hair an undesirable breeding ground. It makes it harder for them to navigate around and for the eggs to attach to the follicle.”

Kids’ hair is the perfect breeding ground

As we all know, nits love clean hair – hair that hasn’t been dyed or treated with any kind of chemical.

This makes kids’ hair the perfect breeding ground.

But a simply spritz of hairspray could comeback this, Annaliese claimed.

She said she regularly uses a cheap hairspray like Wella’s Silvikrin Maximum Hold Hairspray, which you can pick up for 99p, on her kids’ hair.

head lice
The cheaper the better when it comes to hairspray that nits hate (Credit: Boots)

Annaliese added: “So, every day before school since term four last year, we have been doing a spray of hairspray before school and they have not invaded our heads and homes since.”

She continued: “Two full terms and a bit in and around lockdown. In a previously unprecedented event, we have survived five nit notices from school.”

Annaliese concluded: “So, let me pass on that life-changing advice to you now. Panic purchase some cheap hair lacquer immediately and bid farewell to my old friends’ and foe: lice, no more.”

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