Mushy Pea

Woman shares a picture of her mushy pea SANDWICH and it divides Twitter

Would you want this for your lunch?!

While Brits are more than partial to a mushy pea, it appears not everyone is keen on them in one particular form.

Yes, while they’re the perfect accompaniment to your Friday fish and chips, it appears not everyone agrees with a new serving suggestion sweeping Twitter.

Posting the image of her dish to Rate My Plate, the woman came in for a slating.

The dish in question? A mushy pea sandwich. Yes, really.

As you’ll see, the gourmet delight features mushy peas sandwiched between two slices of white bread.

It’s not clear if the peas are served hot or cold.

“Classic Mushy Pea Booty for Lunch by Angela S,” the picture was captioned.

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Angela S clearly liked it as only half the sandwich featured in the picture.

Presumably she’d scoffed the other half!

“It needs putting in the bin,” said one mushy pea sandwich hater.

“Evil green gunge”

“Mushy peas are for chip shop dinners, not this kind of malarkey!” said another.

“Delete the peas and I’m there,” another laughed.

“Can we set up a Go Fund Me and buy her some food? That’s a disgrace,” said another.

“Evil green gunge,” said another.

“That’s actually disgusting,” another slammed.

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“That has got to be one of THE most unappetising things I’ve seen!” exclaimed another.

Not everyone agreed, however.

Can we set up a Go Fund Me and buy her some food? That’s a disgrace.

Some suggested a couple of improvements and the addition of condiments.

“A work of art”

Others said they would try it, while others said they had it in the past and would eat it again.

“Work of art. Warburtons bread is the best one to do this with as the butter doesn’t soak through it. Nice thick butter from the fridge melting all over the warm peas. This is a star food,” said one fan.

“Needs HP Sauce,” said another.

“I will forgive you if you remember to add cheese to that. Cheesy mushy peas!” drooled another.

“I thought it was just me likes mushy pea butty, I like to add lots of black pepper and vinegar,” another offered.

” I wouldn’t mind a mushy pea sandwich,” said another.

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