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Expert reveals how to stop your face mask from steaming up your glasses

Top tips for glasses wearers!

Face masks are now mandatory on public transport and Brits are advised to wear them when visiting the shops or any other confined space.

However, as good as we all know they are in helping to stop the spread of coronavirus, some have a particular gripe about the face coverings.

Glasses wearers, we’re talking about you.

face mask
Do you have problems when wearing your glasses with a face mask? (Credit: Unsplash)

And an expert might just be able to stop the common complaint that accompanies the wearing of a face mask.

If you wear glasses, you might have noticed they steam up when you wear your face mask.

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This is caused by hot air – ie your warm breath – escaping from the top of the mask and landing on the cooler lenses of your glasses.

When that happens, it creates condensation, or fog similar to the one you get when you open the oven door.

However, there is a way of stopping it from happening, an expert claims.

Good Housekeeping spoke to ophthalmologist Dr Jason Brinton, who revealed his top anti-steaming tips.

First on the list is improving the fit of your mask.

face mask
There are numerous things you can do to stop your glasses from steaming up (Credit: Pexels)

Many medical-grade masks have a metal strip that allow the wearer to hold the mask to their face.

However, if you’re making a homemade mask, get the same effect by sewing a pipe cleaner into it.

He said: “You’ll also want to adjust your mask’s straps or ear loops. When the mask fits properly, most of your breath should go through it, not out the top or sides.”

Dr Brinton also revealed a couple of top-secret hacks doctors use when they’re wearing masks.

When the mask fits properly, most of your breath should go through it, not out the top or sides.

Most use tape to prevent their glasses steaming up.

You can use any type of tape to fix it to the bridge of your nose and across your cheeks.

Another more simple, less in-your-face tip is to pull your mask up higher and use the weight of your glasses to hold it down.

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He said the method is most effective if you wear heavy, thick-rimmed glasses.

You can also buy anti-fog spray.

“These can be very effective, but they can also be very expensive,” he said.

Naturally there are some home remedies that people have been trying in an attempt to stop the steam.

People have been treating glasses with soapy water, shaving foam, baby shampoo and even toothpaste – just be careful it doesn’t actually get in your eye!

face mask
Hot air escapes from the mask and forms fog on the lenses of your cooler glasses (Credit: Unsplash)

Washing glasses in soapy water and letting them air dry has shown to help prevent fogginess in previous studies.

Soap acts as a “surface active agent” that leaves behind a thin film that can prevent fog.

And Dr Brinton seems to think that it might just work!

He said: “Any substance that will leave a surfactant on there that will impede the condensation can be useful.”

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