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Dentist finally settles burning question that’s been plaguing users of the TikTok app

Should you brush before or after breakfast?

Users of the TikTok app can sleep easy tonight – a dentist has answered a question that’s been rattling around in their brains since almost the dawn of time.

Should you brush your teeth before or after you’ve eaten your breakfast?

Dentists on the app have been wading into the debate, and now a leading Harley Street dentist has given us a definitive answer.

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Users of the TikTok app have been pondering the ‘age-old’ teeth brushing question (Credit: Pexels)

What’s all the chat about on the TikTok app?

TikTok users have been posting videos trying to solve the age-old question – just when should you brush your teeth?

It seems to be a question that dentists on the site disagree over, with some suggesting before breakfast and others insisting that you should do it after you’ve eaten.

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So we spoke to a leading Harley Street dentist, who gave us the brushing lowdown.

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Should you brush before or after breakfast?

Dr Richard Marques of Doctor Richard London looks after celebrities including Rita Ora, Anne-Marie, Tom Daley and Dua Lipa.

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He admits it’s an “age-old debate” and he’s set out to end it.

tiktok app
When do you brush yours? (Credit: Pexels)

Dr Marques said: “It’s an age old debate, but my professional advice is that it doesn’t actually matter whether you brush before or after eating – it’s the amount of time you wait between the activities.

“The precious enamel that coats the teeth is temporarily weakened after eating due to the acids present in food.

“So by brushing right after you eat, you risk damaging it. Enamel is important because it’s one of the body’s barriers protecting teeth.

“It cannot be restored so it’s vital to look after it.”

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So how should you look after it?

“You should wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you brush your teeth,” he advises.

“Or at least 10 minutes before you eat.”

“This ensures the active ingredients in the toothpaste have had a chance to do their job and protect the teeth, and so that your enamel is hardened.”

When it comes to what to eat for breakfast while looking out for oral health, porridge with honey and not sugar tops the list.

Wholemeal toast, avocado on toast, eggs and salmon and a full English are also on the list.

Sugary cereals, acidic fruit and fruit juices, milk and cheese should all be avoided.

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