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Pesto eggs on Tiktok: They’re the latest breakfast craze and here’s the recipe!

Why wait till brekkie? We're having them for dinner tonight!

Pesto eggs is the latest TikTok trend and, once you’ve tried them, your life will apparently change forever.

Yes, gone are the days when a simple piece of toast and Marmite would do for brekkie.

Now it’s time to up the stakes and make the most important meal of the day a truly cracking one.

Cracking. Geddit?!

pesto eggs recipe
Pesto eggs are the new breakfast craze (Credit: TikTok/Amy Wilichowski)

What are pesto eggs and why do TikTok users love them?

We spotted the new breakfast staple being whipped up by the lovely Amy Wilichowski on TikTok.

She uploaded a video of herself making them and declared: “You must try pesto eggs – they will change your life forever.”

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In the voiceover for the video, Amy added: “I know I’ve said this a million times, but you have to try pesto eggs – your life will be changed forever.

“The taste is incredible, you won’t go back,” she promised.

breakfast eggs recipe
The oil in the pesto stops the eggs from sticking to the pan (Credit: TikTok/Amy Wilichowski)

So are people egg-cited to try them?

Err… Hell yes!

“Not even going to wait for breakfast. This is for dinner tonight baby!” declared one soon-to-be pesto egg fan.

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“This better be the next Tiktok trend because this looks the BOMB,” declared another.

“Pesto eggs are the new baked feta,” said another, referring to the so-last-year craze of creating a saucy pasta dish by baking feta and tomatoes in the oven.

breakfast eggs recipe
Some soon-to-be fans couldn’t even wait till breakfast to create them (Credit: TikTok/Amy Wilichowski)

How do I make pesto eggs?

Luckily for all you budding chefs, Amy has shared her recipe.

And it sounds pretty simple.

All you have to do is substitute the usual oil you’d fry your eggs in with a couple of spoonfuls of pesto.

Just cooked this for breakfast. Added two bits of bacon. Game changer.

Amy explained that the oil in the pesto not only keeps the eggs from sticking to the pan but also infuses them with all that delicious basil and parmesan goodness.

To serve, she suggests slathering a piece of sourdough toast with ricotta cheese, smashing half an avocado on top before adding the fried pesto eggs.

She also adds salt, pepper and chilli flakes and drizzles with honey.

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So are they actually as nice as they look on TikTok?

It appears so, yes.

“I tried it. It’s delicious,” declared one of Amy’s followers.

“I just did this and wow,” said another.

Others tweaked the recipe and said that it was a “game changer”.

“Just cooked this for breakfast. Added two bits of bacon. Game changer,” they said.

Another makes it with scrambled eggs.

They admitted their concoction was “super fire”.

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